The Past


First of all I have to say, I had not been a faithful blogger, or a faithful Twilight fans, or even faithful to anything seriously. In a nutshell, the following content of my post is going to be a brief summary of my weird overwhelming non-sense reaction regarding Breaking Dawn part two. Even though in theory, I had stopped giving appropriate attention related with Twilight hysteria since new moon ends, I do still watch the sequel, at least once. And today, it just hit me straight on my face that the end was literally passing before me. Or us. Or who ever took part in this, mystical human history that nobody with rational mind could ever solve in a thousand years.

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If I am not mistaken, I have finished reading the book roughly three years ago. In essence, I have almost completely forgot the bits and details about the story. Let alone the ending.  Thus, today I came in to the cinema with empty vision of what's going to happen; I guess I was just too consumed by the society so all I could think of was bad image of Kristen Stewart and how some part of the universe brutally disgusted with this movie. I mean, really brutal. Although I am not taking any part on hating or defending her, I just cannot get into the right sense why everybody hates Kristen. The closest theory I can come up with, is because she get the golden chance to know (or even better, date) Robert Pattinson (or Edward Cullen), that has this everlasting, mysterious, undeniable charm and none of us in real life can be near where she stand. So, it suppose to be more like a jealousy than hatred.

Enough rambling, onto the movie. Honestly, I was not fond of anything in the beginning of the movie, at all; it was more like a comedy, rather than watching Twilight series -- up until the ending. That was when it me hard. Oh, it is hard to explain without spilling spoilers here but just for the sake of letting my emotions and feelings out the way of my heart, body and soul, let me just say this once and for all, I walked out the theatre three hours ago, just like when I walked out of the theater back three years ago in 2009. It almost felt like I remember all over again the reason why I fell in love with Edward Cullen in the first place. I just did not know what just happened. The last part of Breaking Dawn? The end of Twilight Saga? Really? I think confessing the end of something is definitely not my thing. As if there was a bit of my soul that just been taking away.

This happens to me, who I assume myself as not a massive Twilight Saga die hard fans. The existence of my love towards Twilight Saga had soon gone after my disappointed upon Eclipse, or even maybe just after New Moon. Hence, I cannot imagine how the true and dedicated fans out there may feel. Regardless, this is the moment where I am fully aware, my teenage life has over; considering this was part of my stupid teenage obsessions and I am about to turn twenty in a week, blimey. I know, I know. I don't have to worry because I will come up with new one longing obsession soon enough as this world restlessly invents brand new obsession every breathing second. But still... you know... to hell with the end, might as well watch it again tomorrow just for the sake of letting loose the intense heat of the ending!

Oh, that was a relief. Thank you and happy watching, loves.
A piece by : Fiya Muiz

Bukan Untuknya, Bukan Untuk Siapa

Perempuan Datang Atas Nama Cinta
Bunda Pergi Karena Cinta

Digenangi Air Racun Jingga Adalah Wajahmu
Seperti Bulan Lelap Tidur Di Hatimu
Yang Berdinding Kelam Dan Kedinginan
Ada Apa Dengannya?
Meninggalkan Hati Untuk Dicaci
Lalu Sekali Ini Aku Lihat Karya Surga
Dari Mata Seorang Hawa
Ada Apa Dengan Cinta?

Tapi Aku Pasti Akan Kembali Dalam Satu Purnama

Untuk Mempertanyakan Kembali Cintanya
Bukan Untuknya Bukan Untuk Siapa
Tapi Untukku,
Karena Aku Ingin Kamu
Itu Saja.

- Ada Apa Dengan Cinta, 2002.
A piece by : Fiya Muiz