The Past

rythm and motion

What’s happening to this world?
Has effected me with all the sudden
No one can avoid the truth
How poisonous words can be

Along with the rhythm and motion
Then they made a history
They’re everywhere
Right now, the same creature praise their kind

Surrounded by walls
Speaking the same theme
Has brain wash all the sworn
In one state their define, gorgeous

Along with the rhythm and motion
Then they made a history
Once they're everywhere
Right now, mankind praise their own kind

Don’t you deny what's going on?
Because we all know, no one can avoid the truth
How poisonous words can be
We're in one line, march down to the sound
Drowning in exhausted of jealousy

credits: Me.
A piece by : Fiya Muiz

valse romantique

So the rain hit my room window. this is my first time looking at those fallen water from my apartment. Its seems like something banging on your door, not once. but continuously.
Those might sounds weird. because, yes, it is weird.
my eyes is so so so and so sleepy. I almost did not have any strength to open it. I am over sleepy.
I had.. adrenalin rush.. haha kidding
I watched youtube and just can't get rid of it. until 2 a.m
how is life........ life is good.
I see this couple of years a lot of new people step in to my life. some are good. and some are awesome. lol
and few changes.
my brother is more grown up now, even he's still a 5th grader.
and me..... I'm still struggling with teenager-so-called-stuff. I wont call it problem.. it's just some extra spicy going on in my life.
I always wanted to be better. and good. and useful for this universe. how great if others universe will to? jk.
I dont want to be president. I dont want to be doctor. I want to be..........
wait.. I still have a couple year to decide. so I wont answer it now.
anyhow, I'd better.... err.. i dunno. ciao from here okay?
talk you very sooooon.
wish me luck for.........everything. byebye

and Happy Birthday Fauzan catb! (Dec 16th)

considering classic is cool.
A piece by : Fiya Muiz

good morning, everyone. it's 9.18 am here, in Jakarta. hows your week?
I hope good.
here's the recap for my week so far:
Idul Adha day, family gathering, it's a must.
went to school, nothing much going on, we had plenty of free time. missing teachers. lol
I watched Twilight again maaaaattttteeeeeeeeee! heeeeellll yeeeeaaaaaaaahhhhh
before we watched, we stop by at my friends house, dilut's house precisely. We had Photobooth session. hahaha. heres one of the pictures

this week still, twilight is so overrated, but like i said, I wont lie, I can't avoid, yes, I'm on it.
so does my friends.
I'm quite speechless nor I had too many things to say, about twilight. so, I'd better.. keep my feet on the ground.

Oh, today.. biology class.
we went to biology lab
errr, with all the microscope and stuff.
those.. reminds.. me.. to... errr... umm..... twilight. (god! i was just trying to forget it for a moment!. Oh no, I cant I cant
I'm being too much right now
okay, here's one pic from the lab hihi
I love to take pictureesss

at home, listening to Twilight soundtrack :)

that's it I guess..
oh, one last thing, Happy birthday to Alwin, Coki, Cindy and Zacky (Dec 11th)
wish you all the best :D
A piece by : Fiya Muiz

begin with E and ends with D

Edward Cullen.
I know, we all know, that they are (twilight cast) on the radar this past couple of weeks, and I dont have any idea until when all these girls will screaming towards Edward and keeps hoping their boyfriend is a vampire.

I wont lie, I did that too. once. or twice.

this all good for Ms. Meyer, for creating this book. and the producers and the actors and the others.... do you think that, this movie will defeat Harry Potter? from my point of view.. it might be. because... I forgot when the last time I watched movie again again again again again again again again again and again, like what I do now to this twilight movie.

anyway what I'm trying to say is I'm on Twilight fever, god knows when this fever will stop.
ohyeah, I havent posted any pictures from my last time watch twilight, hold on.

from left to right: Fahri, Ilham, Me and Riza
"The Premiere"
there are another pics.. but, one is enough right.
this world is.. insane.
see you soon folks, bye.
A piece by : Fiya Muiz

going once.. going twice!

I'm pretty sleepy right now, maybe because yesterday I slept from 3 am until...... 7 am.. continue until.... 9.30am. less than 8 hours. bad bad bad.
anyway today was a good sunday, last night I dont dream Edward. but when I woke up, the first thing in my mind is..... twilight. okay. next. I had a plan with my elementary school friend (tuh riz! hehe) about watching twilight (for me, again) maybe when I told him the movie, is a bit too much so it made him pretty curious. haaaaa, I dont know I'm just guessing.
well it almost did not work out, but finally..... we decided to go to Blitzmegaplex, grand indonesia.
around 3 p.m I arrived, I met Riza at starbucks. and yeah, I miss starbucks actually, its been a month I think I havent buy any starbucks. theeen, Ilham and Fari come join us. fact, Fari wants to buy a new clothes. but not until we found out first that.. (drum roll) NO TWILIGHT available in Blitzmegaplex! gooooood.
no i wont give up! thankfully riza came up withthis goood idea, if you know Jakarta, just across Grand Indonesia, there is another mall called, Plaza Indonesia - Ex. he said we should check it first. okay, we go to Ex. guess what guess what, the que-ing line is already like....... MNG with 75% off! wtf
seeeeee? how could twilight affect the world?
but still. we wont give up! with enough guts we took the easy way, but cost more money, hehe. We went to the Premiere studio. only 2 studio, extra advantage with the chair and stuff. looking for available seats..... we looked for 17.05.... sold out.
we still stay in fight! (heee) the first reason we went there is for watching TWILIGHT. so we wont surrender before......... just skip it, okay after long long discussion. 18. 05 it is!
yeay yeay I'm gonna watch Twilight again! I'm gonna watch Twilight again!
okay, enough with the 'story-to-get-the-tickets', our second mission is................. looking for Fari, our 'bang boss' of the day, muslim clothes for Idul Adha tomorrow. okay.... we've been all around plaza indonesia, but there is no result, then.... we go out from the mall, in to the next mall. Jacc, if I'm not mistaken. its like some sort of Itc. finally, we found it! our second mission accomplished.
we go back to Ex. with taxi. there were conversation going on, about me going to International class. haha Ilham told me about his father ability for speaking with 5 languange, inculde russian. right, ham? theeeeeeen riza started to talk in english. hehehe me and Ilham just stay 1 step backward. hahaha seriously, its fine riz.. but yeah. its just fine. heheheh no offence, mate.
after long long long long long and long journey.................................... we got in to the studio. to watch............... yes yes yes......... TWILIGHT!
there is a small blanket on the seat to use if we got cold (wtf)... nice... hehe.
so this is my second time to watched twilight, still, the movie stole my attention. fully.
cutely enough to say.... I want more! :D
everybody seems to be agreed with me. I heard singaporean girls chatting in the bathroom, squeezing about the vampire.. edward.. how cute bella and edward..jelaous.. same like me. hehe
and also my other pal, riza, ilham and fari, am I right?? hehe that was quite fun journey we had hahah
woaah, that was quite a day, uh?
but not finished yet, I stop by at Gallery Cafe, Cikini. there was my friend's band playing, the band called Customer And The Bellboy, but unfortunately, I missed their performance because I got in the Premiere :D sorry. I am really really sorry.
they promise me to give a present (I just celebrate my birthday last November)
fyi, i loooove presents!
yeah, I met CATB, chat, then eaaaaaaaaat! I was actually waiting for my fried rice a la pinggir jalan style, but phone already rang, means I have to go home...... z
okay, I got the present now, and its VERY cute.
so I wanna thank CATB for this :D :D
so that's my sunday, hows yours?

*I might missed a few.. what ya... I'm gonna post some pictures tomorrow, not now because I didnt bring the bluetooth to the apartement., and yeah, riz this goes my blog! thanks for reading hehe and arky for following:) I'm gonna continue my life. as not expecting like in twilight. buuuuuuuuuuut, who knows? it might be.. that.. your.. crush.. is.. a.. vampire..

bye everyoneeeee La Push baby, La Push! (I want to write it dunno why lol
A piece by : Fiya Muiz

I never know vampire shine

oh hey, I forgot to put some pictures!
oh and there might be 'I never know vampire shine' part 3!
see you in a bit!

A piece by : Fiya Muiz

I never know vampire shine

I was not very good on starting something,. ok, I dont really like you know, how to say it, liking what's on right now, do you understand what i'm saying? but I know one fact that I can not avoid, I love what's been on right now, something called twilight. I bet the whole world discussing it, not just me, or you, or her, but world. I........... cant find the right word to.. to.. explain.
how on earth could it be, exist a brain that could create such a story like that.
well, should I care? I do not know. that twilight thing has stolen my mind somewhere.
I'm not gonna change my nick on msn or somewhere else to Fiya Cullen, or Fia Swan, or twlightaddict or whatever, but i do love or in love or fell in love with Twilight
it's not how good looking the actors are, its the story i envy.
is there any life like that, how perfect/dreadful life it could be, but very romantic. I envy every moment of it. when Bella this.. Edward that..., gosh! its so painful as pain could be. it stab right in the middle of the heart. pardon me if i'm being too much.
I dont think I could end this blog, because not a second I could stop my head playback again and again that movie.
what should I do after I post this blog? since I stepped out from the studio 5 plaza senayan, is that I NEED MY LAPTOP.. INTERNET.. THEN BLOGSPOT.
I cant talk about this to my dad, or brother. they just dont understand.
even tho, I cant help it to share with my friend on msn, right riz? hehe
maybe I'm gonna post another 'I never know vampire shine' part two.
hey special thanks to riza, for hearing my stuff in the middle of the night. I still dont think that I could sleep tonight, riz. hehehehe. sorry, you're name doesnt shine, because its vampire who shine! lol
sorry if i'm being too much everyone,

talk to you soon!
A piece by : Fiya Muiz

handshake at sunrise

I could've waste all my day, imagine things
or remembering what we've done yesterday
later on, I'm curious what are you doing now,
do you think of me too?

dont you know it was painful?

I'd try to hate you, but world without love,
what could be more worse?
so I decided, I'll stay fight, ignoring the bugs,
and proudly saying "I love you!"
A piece by : Fiya Muiz

world without name

i dont have much time for writing this, i just dont want to ignore this blog, because i already made it. theres a time when my passion for writing blog is very..... high. but its not in the right time. i mean, my laptop is not on yet, or the internet connection is broken.
okay, next on is, you all know this is my first year on highschool, and its not smooth sailing so far, its rough, rough, rough! my exams goooiing not too good. my score only around 70 something aint that sucks? its not enough for me. far from enough. i want to be better yes ofcourse but it sooooo freaking hard. i'm not that expert on study school thing. would anyone help?
things i do know is how to having fun
I'm gooood at it.
honestly, theres still i want to talk about here but............ i still got few remedial for tomorrow
so, gtg
hope the sun will shine very bright and the weather is windy!
A piece by : Fiya Muiz

first thing first

Bonjour, folks!
so this is my first blog, it started with hello, hi, and yellow!
it gets me frustrated when i dont know what to write, but actually theres a lot of words swimming in my head, and they wont make a que for getting out.
err... do we need introduction? yes? no? hello, my name is alifia nuril, but you may find me on facebook with fiya muiz. that's mynickname mixed with my last name.
i go to sman8, grade 10. fisrt year in highschool everyone.
i do enjoy gigs, maybe we've met somewhere. musics cool.
anyway the clocks is ticking, if its stop maybe i have to changed the battery. anyway, it means thati have to do my duty, i'm on exams now, truth to be told, i have to study. but maybe... after watch one dvd okaaay i need refreshment. WHATEVER
see you soon!
A piece by : Fiya Muiz