The Past

Whispered, "Hello, I Miss You Quite Terribly.."

I might have mentioned before, one of the worst feeling ever existed in this world was not able to write something when you actually wanted to. This could driving me mad more than math. I used to came up with terrific advices but very often I lose it as soon I need it. Because, when my mood lies underneath my feet or at least on the same base with my own feet, abandoned on the ground, I couldn't keep my head straight and really, literally think clear. As if something has suck my ability to reflects good ideas. The worst part was feeling defeated in a war where you actually acknowledge the basic strategy from your own enemy. The "I should do something!" thought humming all around my head but instead, I sat still and waiting for the airplane passed by. Just because I could pretend it was a shooting star and make a wish (according to a well-known song these days). And oh, even worse, when the enemy was the weakest one on the list of enemy line, that shouldn't actually be on the list. Such as math. I hate math more than you hate your imbalance body or your frizzy hair or your bad day or even the way I hate airport for the last stop of leaving-goodbyes.
There I shouldn't bother mentioned the thing that I hate but sometimes to write a blog I need certain mood to feel.
Anger and feeling of missing someone were on my top two list. Because they burned in the same intensity of shit.
I wasn't in my best shape nor mood these two weeks. I gotta say, tough weeks. Interest to change wasn't around. At least not now, let me stay here for a while. I just know this, takes time. Reminiscing for a week or two, then I'll heal pretty soon.
For now, put it this way,
when distraction wasn't enough, that's when you know you need a life counselor.

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P.S: It may not sounded as bad as it sounds. Exaggeration implied just for the sake of satisfaction.
A piece by : Fiya Muiz

What a Liar Needs Is Just a Simple Trust

Good morning.
It's late here but I'm sure somewhere on the other part of the world, sun still shining too bright till the pupils shrink.
Things are changed here, slowly but sure. For the first time after a long while, I started to enjoy rain. I used to hate rain with all my heart.
But I never know, what I loved also happens to have the chance for changed. I thought things will stay until I told them to leave, but I was wrong. Well, street stays, building stays, and memories stay. I couldn't dictate my memories to hide under my bed or inside the dusty box at the attic and stop reminding me over and over again to a few things. Memories that not once but thousands of times dragging me down - both in a good and bad way.
Do you know that I thought August barely starts?
I thought those late food and long midnight drive were just yesterday.
I thought someday was still long enough to wait, so I don't have to be worried. Worried to death like today.
September came too soon. Too soon I can't even think.
September was unbelievable.
I got introduce to a lot of things in September.
September occupied my mind excessively.
That night, my brain was running out of oxygen because the thoughts were slowly burning, looking for the best way out then seeking for the possible gap to climb up and breathe in once, deep and secure.
That never happened to me until that night.
This was too short to conclude the whole month I've been through.

but I'll tell you something, you just never know that someday might be arrived very, very soon.
A piece by : Fiya Muiz

When I Feel It, You're Wearing Thin

Holiday is like the snow. Most of people gets excited when it arrived. Most people were waiting for it, impatiently. As the snow came, in cherish they welcome with warm heart. Play with it. Having fun. And people wished the sun never melted it. Changed it in to water then the ground absorb it till dry. Dry and left no trace.The power of sun beat the solidity of an ice. Just like the reality beats the existence of holiday. Holiday come to an end. Back to where we left the routines.
But you know, it'll come back. Soon enough.

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A piece by : Fiya Muiz