The Past

first thing first

Bonjour, folks!
so this is my first blog, it started with hello, hi, and yellow!
it gets me frustrated when i dont know what to write, but actually theres a lot of words swimming in my head, and they wont make a que for getting out.
err... do we need introduction? yes? no? hello, my name is alifia nuril, but you may find me on facebook with fiya muiz. that's mynickname mixed with my last name.
i go to sman8, grade 10. fisrt year in highschool everyone.
i do enjoy gigs, maybe we've met somewhere. musics cool.
anyway the clocks is ticking, if its stop maybe i have to changed the battery. anyway, it means thati have to do my duty, i'm on exams now, truth to be told, i have to study. but maybe... after watch one dvd okaaay i need refreshment. WHATEVER
see you soon!
A piece by : Fiya Muiz