The Past

Band Edition: Meet Me By Sunrise

It has been quite cloudy throughout Jakarta's music scene lately, the usual weekend gig that I used to attend had lost its existence between the radar. But among the minor crowds, this band managed to popped out to the public eye-sight. And mine's especially -- I cannot help to write about them. Speaking of the devil, it's Meet Me By Sunrise. First of many, I personally have to give big kudos for whoever came up with the name. Meet Me By Sunrise. It's not too cliche, not too band name-ish, not too much; it's simple, precise and it's there. As soon you read or hear the name, there's a chime of hope, you know this going to be good. And  yes, they are worth to listen. 

This band consist of four young boys, simultaneously giving such a fresh soul into their music. Lan Alexander on  vocal/guitar, has this Gaskarth-like kind of voice, where you just know he owns the right to sing. He has the voice that qualified to be ears' best friend. On guitar/synths/keys/vocal/pretty-much-everything-here-there-a-bit, there's the multi-talented Dion Andrew; his skill is surely undoubted when his fingers know what to do to create such a great outcome of rhythm, based on my judgement on MMBS TV -- a youtube video where they record their routines on camera. The third member on bass/vocal, is Christophe Renato, slapping the thick bass strings daringly, adding the blast deep volume hand in hand with the guitar; hey, song wouldn't sound complete without bass -- as a fellow bassist speaking. Last but not least, Diandra Indrabayu on drums, let alone the loud beat, the drums sure has the good deal of role on giving more air to the songs as it breathe and sounded more alive.

Little more details regarding their songs, for all All Time Low/Simple Plan/The Downtown Fiction die hard fans out there, I can assure you, you are going to love Meet Me By Sunrise. Sound of power pop with touch of rock & semi-acoustic is their thing. For the lyrics, it is very easy to relate, young love,  disappointing heartbreak; ear-catching phrases, definitely not crappy ass quality. My personal favorite song would Frankly My Dear, I Don't Give A Damn. But as I listen to their tracks these past hours, I have got to say it is kind of hard to decide, they are all good! Jakarta (Never Looked So Good) makes me want to go out on late-drive around town and watch the skyline. And man, "I hope you'd die in a car crash baby" phrase from Hanging On A Wake Up Call just would not get out of my head. Only Stars sounded less appealing than the others, maybe because the others are pretty much contains more content than this one. 

Fair to say, go and take a look for yourself, their live performance. And what are the odds, they are about to release their EP in three weeks! October 15th. Too bad I can't make it as I'm leaving this town within a week.. Anyway, details on their facebook or follow their official band twitter, make sure you are not going to miss it! And maybe, if you would like to booked them on events, please do not hesitate to contact them through their facebook, they seemed nice! Better yet, interested to signed them? They would be a phone call away. All and all, so glad to have them as local band   x

A piece by : Fiya Muiz

You Say Good Morning When It's Midnight

I was trying to figure out why the hell I stayed up most of the night; I thought I was waiting, but I was not. I guess I was trying to find comfort in repetition through song. Maybe I was trying to find something. Answers, perhaps. Somewhere. Or maybe I was trying to make a history. Conquering the time difference. Or, I just wanted be listened. This, whispers few minutes to midnight.

11: 56 P.M

Common knowledge taught me, based in some stories, you were the worst version of yourself during midnight (without additional favor from liquors). Worst as in impulsively free. As in, honest. Where secrets and truths may slip here and there. Which bring me in certain awareness, less chance of midnight declaring lies. Am I the only one who noticed  how fine midnight is?

Maybe it was because the sun, keeping our muscle too tense and mind too sane through its bright lights. Too sane to qualify the worst when we were being honest. As the level of tolerance towards the reality had decrease to the lowest point, raised the voice "I do not give a shit." out loud.

Maybe our body has running out of liquid to neutralize the raging hormones. Maybe our head has reached the maximum capacity to bare with memories. But between regrets, guilts and blame, lies the innocent part of feeling relief. Probably during midnight only, a person can express decent outcome with enough guts that hardly achieve when the sky is blue.

I hope I won't regret this post in the morning.

12:36 A.M

Oh, wait. Now I know what I was doing this whole time. I think I was hoping to see a respond. I think my head had secretly told my body to stay awake, messing with the proper bedtime, to assume I was awake for nothing. When nothing is not particularly nothing -- there's a little bit of everything hidden behind it. I think it was common to wait for something after you spill half of your guts in paragraphs.

P.S: so, if you read this, please let me know.

1:08 A.M

Yeah. That's it. Good night.

1:18 A.M

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1:41 A.M
A piece by : Fiya Muiz