The Past

Jack Broke My Heart

As I quote from the all time favorite band of mine, All Time Low, "Maybe it's not my weekend, but it's gonna be my year" phrase represent what I would like to say about this post.
Technically, I could make every year as my year, but this one so far, was totally my year which I couldn't thank god enough for his blessing every single day.
There were two things that would be the highlight of this year,
1. I finally breathe the air of British royalty
2. I saw All Time Low live
and the rest, I turned eighteenth this year.
I have been taught a lot of feeling through out 365 days; Feelings where set me on ease or the complete other way around. Time flies quite fast, it seemed like just yesterday I had a school trip to Singapore with my school mates and I barely talked about the new year's eve. But it has been a good 12 months.
This Christmas holiday was unintentionally went well. Other than the decent solitude with writing, I went out of town with my family for three days and in between I hang around with Arky and her cool siblings, Ka Adit and Adam. It was another piece of salty spice on the last week of 2010, I got the chance to see somewhere else out of the mundane home town with friends; sometimes unplanned things could turn out to be perfect. We were randomly stopping by at the hippest meeting point in Bandung called Paris Van Java, then I saw a place where I thought never existed other than in my head. It was almost midnight, the store was already closed, and there was this one place, up at the highest floor, an ice rink. At the moment, the main lamps were off, left only colorful projections of lights through one center controlling room spread all over the ice rink. The ceiling was also full with green and red laser dots as though it was the starry sky. The ice rink was cold till there was a visible fume emanate from the bottom of the ice. And as the last touch, there was this one old all time mellow song resound across the room.
It was beautiful. I almost did not care how awful my face looked like due to the overwhelming shock.
I'll see you next year.

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A piece by : Fiya Muiz

He Said "Lookin' Good"

Hey blog, how you doin'? I've been a very pretty mess recently. If you wonder how do I look like these past three days I probably would look like the monsters under your bed.
No, I'm kidding.
I've been living with my favorite dark blue sweatshirt and it has been a pretty good solitude. The most far place I went in these past three days was my kitchen. I've made a quite deep emotional connection with coco crunch and my laptop.
Just me, the internet, Microsoft word and my laptop. Fine days.
I am currently subscribing to European time, so I slept around 5 A.M which around 11 P.M in Britain and woke up around 2 P.M which around 9 A.M in Europe. If I look back, things were pretty neat. New year is coming within a week. Rad. Very rad. Indonesia made in to the final against Malaysia. Another rad point.
Pretty good vibe to end the year. I'll catch up with you later in a special post talking about 2010. In the mean time, I've got to get back to the game, it's back on. xx
A piece by : Fiya Muiz

Ini Bukan Itu

Kalo menurut gue, konsep jodoh itu bukan cuma kesengajaan. Jodoh itu terlalu penting dibandingin sama sengaja yang jatohnya simpel banget. Jodoh itu jauh dari definisi gampang atau mudah. Karena menurut gue, jodoh itu serius, sama kaya seberapa pentingnya kamar mandi kalo mendadak kebelet pipis. Justru jodoh itu lebih dari sekedar ketemu disuatu tempat secara ngga sengaja, pake baju warna yang sama tanpa janjian atau punya kebiasaan yang sama tanpa diketahui.

Dimana-mana hal yang dicapai lewat suatu pengorbanan, dua atau tiga kali jatoh, luka, jalan buntu atau jalan yang ribet itu lebih diinget. Lebih berkesan. Bukan berarti kalo semua hal keliatan ribet artinya ngga jodoh. Mungkin aja sebaliknya, ya kan? Tuhan mau kita lebih berjuang akan hal itu, dan bisa nunjukin segimana pentingnya hal yang kita kejar ini. Mungkin juga, dalam perjalanan perjuangan itu kita bisa nemuin kompas, supaya lebih jelas, apa iya semuanya layak?

Kalo sampe ada perasaan, "Apa gue maksa?"
Maksa itu bisa terjadi waktu secara ngga langsung otak memprogram keraguan yang awalnya cuma bisik bisik, jadi pohon mangga yang besar banget. Kenapa bisa jadi pohon mangga, gue juga gatau. Tapi kalo pertanyaan itu muncul untuk kesekian kalinya, padahal udah dicoba sekali atau dua kali ngusir itu dengan mengambil aksi tertentu, berarti... dia belum sepadan. Atau kemungkinan satu lagi, rumah lo enak jadi pertanyaannya betah.

Kalo diliat-liat, semuanya itu beda tipis. Benci sama suka, bego sama gila, cupu sama baik, tipis banget bedanya.
Lebih tipis dibanding martabak fatmawati yang di perempatan D'best. Wajar kalo keserempet kesana-sini. Tapi sebenernya... jelas. Beda tipis, tapi keliatan. Kerasa. Karena ini salah satu hal yang dirasa pake hati, bahkan buat pembohong kelas kakap, gurame atau eksekutif aja, ngga bisa kuasain.

Jodoh itu luas, bisa aja keterkaitan sesuatu secara otomatis tanpa direncanakan, tapi bukan sebatas itu aja. Kesamaan dalam keterkaitan ini, bagian kecil dari keseluruan arti jodoh. Bisa aja post ini cuma hasil dari batu bata teori unverified sampah gue yang lama-lama jadi gedung paling tinggi di otak gue, tapi at least gue ga pernah membunuh motivasi gue untuk berdiri terus kan?

Setiap kali gue ngerasa ada satu kesempatan yang gue lewatin, gue ga pernah pulang nunduk atau bawa take away rasa nyesel, karena gue tau masih ada kesempatan lain yang pasti gue lebih siap. Dimana gue bisa dateng dengan kepercayaan diri penuh, udah siap menerjang badai, becek, buku yang setebel printer, atau muka seseorang yang dengan mudahnya bikin gue lemes sekejap dan lupa caranya ngomong dengan hanya ngerasain keberadaan dia depan gue.
Semua itu proses. Biasanya yang instant, ga pernah sehat.

p.s: hari ini gue belum tidur jam setengah empat pagi dan ini post pertama gue dalam bahasa indonesia (bukan maksud sok bule tapi karena gue emang lemah di bahasa indonesia) khusus buat seseorang yang ngembaliin inspirasi gue untuk yakin gue bisa nulis pake bahasa indonesia juga, sekali-sekali. :)
A piece by : Fiya Muiz


Meet Raditya Dika, he is one of the best author in Indonesia.
(According to my dictionary and I do not care about the other's)

He is one of the guy who suits my definition as a good looking guy without even bother to dress up or try to be one. Cause within his presence he has a charm that able to attract, hooked and impressed someone in the same time.
Beneath his jokes and irrelevant sense of humor, he has this a deep side of him that he tries to keep under the radar.
I do not know him personally, but some says you could know someone through his writing. And I have read few of his works. And every time I read, I could feel something about him. Not in the wrong way. Just the thing that he did not put up front. Thing that stays behind his expression. That is also one of the reason I define myself as his big fan, he writes. He writes in his own way. A guy who writes already caught my attention, and this one sure got A LOT of my attention.
I have always wanted to meet him by any chances. Once I did try but faith seemed not on my side at that time. So I kept this believe, that he is just the the flight I've wanted to get on, and it's just the trick of time delaying my departure. But soon, soon I'll meet him, just as much as I always wanted to.

A piece by : Fiya Muiz

Tongue Like Electric, Eyes Like a Child.

Just by seeing him, I would just like go and bring him home.
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Rather than letting this page alone. I shall update with the little touch of well-being creature from the Great Britain.
That's George Craig. He's all in one package.
The intensity of December is high which I do not really enjoy much. But this is life, folks.
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I've Got One of My Birthday Wishes List Crossed.

I know I have no rights to tell you what to hear or what to read, but as your eyes has reached this post.
I've got to tell you how sick my day went. I played soccer earlier this morning and I scored one goal. ONE GOAL.
I stood on my tip toe and praise the unusual pride I've collect today. This was my first match after the last game I could recall when I was nine or ten year old. So you'd sure understand how I felt really good about a moment of glory.
And second, I went to the airport.
This wasn't the ordinary, "I went to the airport because someone is leaving" kind of thing. I went to the airport because I just felt like it. And I am very grateful to god for giving me a chance to hang out with one of the coolest kids in the entire world. Karin, Ryan and Upal were tha bomb of tha day. I've got to tell you a secret, I have been wanting to do this on my birthday. But as a wise and odd proverbs from Paris Hilton, We've got to live like everyday is our birthday. Present never expired. They didn't know I want this. But they gave me one of the day I wanted to have. Gas station. I tried on a children dress (for 11 year old) on the airport's department store. We took shuttle from Terminal 1 - 3. Went to the waving... waving whatever it called. Fuck yeah I had fun.
I know eyes bored to deal with details, so I am going to make this short as possible.
You've got to listen this carefully. I have the days I wanted back on my grip.
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A piece by : Fiya Muiz

Only the Strong Survived

As I wrote this in English, implied to thee English exam by tomorrow morning. My eyes falling slowly rhymed within every ticks of the clock, where's the moon I shall met when the night comes? Ascending beat flows as the iTunes exhale the noise of a speaker. The day has brought me well, overlay the rusty bridge from one to another, unite what has been lost for weeks and weeks. Traffic and rain were pack of jokes, running out the attention of common sense that highly overrated nowadays. Over the top bass volume was tolerable, just like the full-length loud conversations through the hours. Indifference tone of laughs and tears smeared the ears under the afternoon sky. Few lines has changed the irritating white blank post that require a title which I chose randomly had done enough decoration to my so called preparation for tomorrow. I have done the least of my mind could think of. And been a while I haven't brought this one up, I had quite fun. Time to greet the woozy bed.

Hello December, long time no see.
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A piece by : Fiya Muiz