The Past

The Reason

There was a small local pub down the road, between a Chinese restaurant and a gift shop. It had been Aurora's favorite since the place opened three months ago. She was not sure why she loved the place. No, wait, she knew. One fine Friday night, she walked in to the pub from the cold winter air. The place was rather packed, considering it was weekend. Her eyes went directly to the bar, and within a moment she found the reason why she kept coming back. That guy who works behind the bar. There was something about him that made her curious. Waiting to place her order, she observed more and more. She was standing there, thinking, she could die happy right at that moment. She was not suicidal or anything, but that phrase explain quite well the condition of her heart. It was not yet explosive, but in her head, there was a very loud voice fighting for attention. He looked amazing. She shook her head; it was not helping. Everybody could tell with naked eyes, he owned this special appeal which very attractive. He was not that handsome, but he was for her. His hair was short, a little messy at the top, slightly covering his forehead. The color of his hair was dark, the kind of dark that was on the verge of brown and black, not as dark as ebony, though. His eyes were not fierce, more like the opposite. He had the kind of eyes that welcomes everyone with warmth. The shape of his lips were soft and thin, it almost looked vulnerable but it made the most genuine, tender and sweet smile and his cheek bones was the best part of his face as if God sculptured it with the attention to make everybody jealous. She would like to slip a note in his pocket, saying "You should know you are seriously beautiful."

Out of the blue, the drunk lady in front cut the cue -- whilst Aurora was not mind waiting for another minute, although she had been standing for quite a while whilst people passing by but she was perfectly fine, in the corner between the entrance to the counter, waiting to be served. There was another bartender carrying empty glasses behind the counter, finding she was still there since he left a while ago to clean the table. Throwing a glimpse of pity stare at her, he tap the other bartender that she had her eyes on and pointing back at Aurora. "She's been waiting." Quickly she straightened her body, as he immediately approached and apologies, "Oh, I'm sorry. What can I get you?" his hand stroke her hips as he leaned forward to her face, trying to listen closer because the music. There were tons of scenarios going on in her head; what words would sound better and how to arrange it in a sentence but all she came up was a smile. "Can I get, uh, a beer please." He was too perfect in her eyes it almost scares her. Her nerves work ten times more sensitive than usual. "A beer." he repeated. Then he poured down one,  and came back. She handed over five pound note, but then he said, "No. It's on the house, I've made you wait." it happened too fast. She was trying very hard to keep it cool, she was so close to drop her jaw in awe. "Thank you." She would like to run and scream, let the world know, for the entire minute she was happy. Very happy. Before she went back to her seat and drown in her emotion, he called her again, "Hey wait, what's your name?"
"Aurora. And you?"
"Phillip." Then her mind wander off to her favorite childhood fairytale, The Sleeping Beauty, when all she ever wanted was Prince Phillip.

A piece by : Fiya Muiz

Take A Breath and Let the Rest Come Easy

End year conclusion:

Last year had been a constant hangover to me. I was not sure what was going on, yet all I could feel a headache. Not massive, but mild burnt inside my head. 2012 was the year where all the songs about doubt, heartbreak, confusion started to make sense. It was not just lyrics anymore, it had become part of my secret story telling. It was also the end of life as I know it; many thoughts this has a bad connotation, but I'd like to argue. To me, this just a new chapter with brand new challenges, probably with some twists, but still in the same magical plot.

There were things that did not go as I planned, or as I wanted. It was not an easy year, to be honest. Maybe you can tell through the lack of post, no? It was not always a downhill, I fancied few surprises that I did not see it coming. Little things. From a bag of bagel, or one Summer assignments that start it all. There are always things that worth it to save you from the darkest version of yourself, you know. The part where I finally could get along my disappointments, and made it through, was not all bad.

This new year's eve, I was standing underneath Big Ben until the last seconds of 2012 -- London Eye was just across the Westminster Bridge upon the amazing Thames River. There it goes, three of the best things in this world in one sentence. I would say, I was living the dream. Probably not just mine, but thousand of others. I would not waste it away with bitchin' about I did not have the entire street for myself, as I had to share with the other several hundred of people. BUT, I have never been so stoked to welcome a new year as I am right now. Looking forward for 2013. Pretty sure good things are waiting for me. Hence, I'm going to make it count. Wait, no. We're going to make it count


A piece by : Fiya Muiz