The Past

Jack Spare Me His Band-Aid

Dear blog,
Hello and Hi. It has been pretty little while since I updated you with an entry. To be honest, I have tried several times to write something here but I could not helplessly to failed pressing the publish post link. The span of neglecting this blog had cost me a personal guilty as if I was abandoning my favorite Siberian Husky puppy by the corner.
If you were wondering where I was, which I believe none of you would, it was just me that thinking this might be necessary. :p I was, uh, well, by the definition I must have pretty much qualified as being in the closest meaning to a... living the busy schedule.
Last week was crazy. I had no one definite day off from seven days written on the calendar. I barely begin my IELTS preparation class for five days a week, Monday to Friday which technically crashed with my other extra class, for straightly to the following five weeks. On last weekend, I had test for entering the private university outside the town. That goes the whole day of the week. But the good thing was, I currently still breathing. Though I could feel the tension running through my vein and not to mention, my mind. This new activities either pumped and exhaust me. Both in a good and slightly bad way. In the oddest way of saying, last Sunday, if you asked me where I want to be, I would say my IELTS class. It was just neatly arranged, mostly the British accent, bright lights and good vibe of English language. Even though, the lesson was not as easy as any mind could assume.
And moving on, between the tough days, I had a chance to watched The Butterfly Effect (borrowed from a good teacher of mine). It was an old movie, roughly around early 2000s. Ashton Kutcher played a role there. I just want to tell you, that has been officially stamped as my favorite movie ever, based on my opinion. Seriously.
Other than that, there was nothing really need to worry or discuss.
I love you and I have to get back to wherever my responsibility leads. xx

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It Won't End Tonight

Have I told you writing blog is just the coolest sixty minutes getaway from boring routines that almost choked me to the death of lively laughs? If I have not, I might have just kind of did. Days were just pulling me out of this pleasure to treat my spare time around here, simply wandering around by bytes. And mostly, write. Or just... wander.
Senior year consumed most of my hours reading non-fiction paragraphs which again, boring. I could not help to feel the tension of worries creeping trough my finger tips all along till my nerves on my brain heard it. but somehow it did not change me as the best procrastinator ever. I enjoyed in every bits of being under procrastination. sometimes.
The closest example was just now, I should have doing something, somewhere else but I guess this blog had been neglected long enough. So, I'll talk to you soon.
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If Your Life Had a Face, I'd Punch It.

Weekend for me is like a playground for kids. After five days straight of drilling exercise on papers, written black and white statically, slideshows, number, you name it, then I saw a gap to breathe. I did not say I did not breathe along those five days, but it was like a travesty. A puppet show, controlled by other hands.
So, do not blame me if I got too much by the weekend. I writes till I left trace on the chair. I watched youtube till my eyes went red. I stayed up all night doing nothing related to theoretically education. Whilst for me, movies are education too. I have been a junkie to movies these days. Though sometimes, they slapped me right on the face. Irony is another form of indirect bliss. Embrace it.
I kept breaking my promises to stay on track, well, I was the one who deserve a blame, I was too stupid to bother making promises that I knew I would break it. Another part of being a teenager. A phase that only came once. I should have enjoyed it wisely. There were just some moments that wrapped me in malice, not just once but so many times. Probably more often than good thoughts stopping by. I was thinking to get a tattoo that will always reminds me to dismissed all the negative thoughts. Like a... triangle shape? or.. a sheep shape? No way that sounds legit. Or, a laptop, which has been my best friend for a while. A while enough to began my suspicion, Acer had put a spell on me so I could barely separate with it. And in another word, I have been enjoying alone. Solitude is a pure bliss. My thoughts were already loud, louder than any drums and guitars putting together, and sometimes my head just could not bear anymore war from other cells. Nothing was wrong, it was just the timing that shoved me here.

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Good Ancient, You Are Welcome.

Dateline is another word of saying a coercion to slave line of duty which tormented the soulless brain into a total wreck.
And distraction just the perfect impermanent salvation from the big hole of relationship between writer's block and date line. This just one of the form of lissome distraction I carelessly obtained. A blog post.
I bought Othello by Shakespeare last Friday, do not ask me why I tend to buy Macbeth but I got diverted without certain reason. I also, attending my first friend that is blessedly getting married. That went on to the part where I wander off when someday in the future I could see my self and my band mates preparing for the wedding; Oh why my band mates because this, the one who was getting married, was a friend of mine that was in a very dedicative talented power pop band called The Ingredients.
They have been a good friend of mine almost three years ago. I may have mentioned them once in a while between my previous blog post. They all are around five years above my age, so relax, they are legally certified to get married. Oh, as the matter of fact, mine's too. Uh, I should re-arrange my sentence, they are in the common year of age maturity to get married.
They are swell. Age doesn't really interfere our relationship. I had swell night too, looking back to what I had in the past, and could laugh at it. In the same time catching those lines that lost in trails for months of tight schedule we did not get the chance to hang out.
Unfortunately I didn't save my camera to take a picture. Sometimes, I had this, excuse to defend my self that true memories will stay in mind without the help of a photograph.
Take care all. You'd better wish me a smooth sailing to the end of my last page project.

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Where All the Chivalry Went These Days?

Do you know most of the things has a scent to smell? I have never certified to any scientific proves as in books, an article or else. But according to my undemanding observant observation, I figured that most of the things has a smell.
Just like tonight's scent, the poignant smell of fresh plastics very thin yet glossy and pretty, hiding in between but still caught off guard. Which the reason why I am still awake by three hours to sunrise. I have got few plastics that wrapped a circle shaped solid matter as known as a disk. Easy A, The Prince and Me, Going Through the Distance, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World and The Runaways are my pills for the night. There is no other way to feel really alive after watching stories of twisted minds and characters on screen. There is no better way to seek the sun creeping through the window.
I almost could not feel my feet cause it started to froze under the one room circulated low temperature air conditioner while my thoughts were running too fast my shadow could barely keep up. The unlighted living room by the dawn, everything was motionless in stare. Left overs by the dining table. Freshly read news papers lie on the floor, restless. I walked through the carpet, across the not much to describe chair, unless the metallic grip by the two sides, to my balcony. I was on my bare feet, touching skin to skin by the velvet mundane peach floor, my mouth was not closed just like my undiscovered thoughts flying between towers and reached back down my throat as I finally recognize the smell of dawn. Light, deep and feeble. There was mountain of dew at the edge of the view, all smoky grey almost white right under the darkest skyline. The streets looked like they are dead, though the tall buildings telling me they are in love, and the lights, oh those dashing lights, were the second best part of the picture. The scent of breaking dawn got to be on the first place.
The sun has calling me to sleep, just because I have to.
Good night, J.

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A Letter to the Sun

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This letter was written three days before New Year’s Eve.

Dear sun,

I see you shine every day. It gets me thinking, as soon you left the sky, you are rotating to the other side of the world, aren’t you?

Would it be too much if I asked you to be modest and kind, send my dearest regards to thee my friend, whom currently is half the world away? Because I know, you’d get to see him whenever you leave me.

I am absolutely sure you will like him. He’s the one with the best personality a seventeen year old guy could ever have.

Would you mind checking whether he is fine as apple juice and still smell like the Irish spring?
Thank you.

Oh, and sun, tell him this town taste sour without his jokes. Tell him the crowd wants him to come back soon. Tell him, tell him I miss him too much till this note could not bear any more words of mine.

Your small yet biggest fan,


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NYE. New York Eity. Joking.

Life is sturdily attached to excuses; one substantial matter in life that nobody could live without is excuse. Most of the red-letter dates were inoffensively being used as the stomp yard to begin or doing something. New year's eve for example, if you want to change your hair style, begin to write a book that soon become a Pulitzer winner or moving on does not require a date to be done but the past has inherited certain culture towards the public eyes, hereditary, then become a common habit.
I, too, admit that I do need dates to begin something, it runs in my blood to participate in such common habit although I secretly wish my mind would stop subscribing to the public where I do not need occasion to run a resolution. And speaking of new year's eve, this year I had the chance to spent it at my band mate, Arky, residence in the suburban fringe away from the heart of the town. I was honorarily invited to a barbecue party along with the rest of her family. Since my ass was not the type of an ass that could sit tight on a specific date, which include December 31st (unlike my family who in the exact opposite of me that could sleep during new year's eve) I came along.
The house was pretty just like the fireworks that lighted up that night, aside from the intolerable loud noise, the food(s) were great, combination between French fries and MnM's chocolate were cute. Me and Adam, Arky's younger brother, grilled most of the food, I found quite jolly acting like a professional chef for a night. Oh and the high light for the night was I accidentally inspired to roast a candy, named Yupi which pervade to roast the innocent grape. Ka Adit, Arky's older brother, joined me in my spontaneous experiment, and I got to say it did not end bad, it was rather quite successful.
A wine toast, fireworks, the meal were awesome. I couldn't thank them enough for having me on new year's eve. I made few phone calls as I appreciate the change of year. I am blessed to have good people surrounding me.
All I'm saying, I had a good new year's eve. A great day to stared the new year of 2011.

Happy new year, everyone!
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