The Past

game off, or delayed.

I'll let you know, when wants it's not enough.
I wanted to forget someone, wait, forget is not a proper word. you know, moment when you realized or understand that it might be better not to waste another feeling for someone that.. not pretty worth it waiting or.. fight for.
I've been saying this so many times, and I constantly failed.
it keeps coming back. I could not enough hate him for ignoring him, even in a minute, unconsiousnessly I'll defend him every way.
I could not resist any of the voices that reminds me to him or every corner of the city brought him to my mind. so I believe it fits on descriptions as everywhere.
from it sounds you can hear something hard, very hard, to.. well.. delete. I even talk more crap here, obviously.
probably above will explain what's on my mind, rather than I should put this on facebook.
I hate him more,
in the same time when I thought I'm in love.
those words sounds irritating.
I..caught wet.
A piece by : Fiya Muiz

What doesn't reminds me to you anyway?

Hello, hello peeps.
My one week holiday is almost over,
I don't care anyway, I can still feel everyday as holiday if I want to.
What you see is what you think,
so guys, it all depends from how you look things,
if you see it badly, then you'll see something bad, and vice versa.
bet you'll have better vision now!

okay, next up is.. today I had Saman practice. it's enough to fill my Saturday.
oh and I visit my uncle, he's hospitalized right now,
had some trouble with the digestion system,
may he get well soon:)
and the thing I want to say is.. all of the hospital scent,
those stuff reminds me of something or.. I might say, someone
that one of my lifetime sweet memories.

while actually I could feel pain, but the presence was kind of my personal cure.
it was kind of dangerous to discuss here, there is still a chance,
around... 1% he might open my blog.
or his friends.
but I guess, they just don't have time to think or understanding what I'm talking about here, which is pretty good.
What doesn't reminds me to him anyway?

I ate 2 whole box of sushi yesterday, la la la love it!

A piece by : Fiya Muiz


Don't push me to do something that I don't want to do,
or I'll hate you.
and watch your words, sir.
A piece by : Fiya Muiz

watch out

I feel sleepy now,
I already turned off the lamp, but I have not write any entry today, so
yeah, here I am.
Early afternoon, I had in mind that my spending are way too much since I entered high school.
well, today I watched watchmen, which is for me the duration is too long,

even it's entertaining though.
The movie is very colorful, the effect was so real.
I need extra questions for absorbing what just happened.

you should see on cinema,
just prepare your ass before sit lol

hey, I was photo bucket-ing yesterday, and I found this bloody photo of Robert Pattinson,

I am running out of words, I'll let you judge

Alright then, I don't want to spend too long in front of my pc,
no reason.

see i have to go bye
A piece by : Fiya Muiz


I dunno what to write, I'm sleepy.
These couple of days, I got sleeping-trouble.
There was certain mind clouding up every night and day.
I spent today with my classmates
I know, pictures pictures!

Oh, I would like to put some recomended songs here, but I... want to go to sleep
so, later okay?
A piece by : Fiya Muiz

The Future Is Near, But Never Certain part two

My Sunday went awesome! They all brought me happiness:)
and today, Monday, in mid Early April, April 19th is Arky's Birthday
so today, me and the rest of my band had a surprise for her
includes few lies - for good anyway
we were having a good times,
it has been a while we have not hang out together,
adaptation with high school and all of the uh.. duties.
had lunch at Andra's house, I had delicious mashed potatoes ever!

and the cakes we bought for arky also taste good.
Chit chats and laughs I missed, I got today
Have I told you how much I love them?
much, more.

Andra, Dydy, Arky, Oma!
They're the best

Have I said "They're the best?"
Yes, They're the best

After lunch we went to cinema (minus Oma), we watched Race to the witch mountain, all on Arky :D
the movie was fine. I still confused with alien things.

Dydy went to my apartment and of course we had photoshooooots!
I had A LOT of fun these 2 days!
meanwhile, I'm gonna promise here to study once in a while on this week holiday:)

and one more thing,
A piece by : Fiya Muiz

The Future Is Near, But Never Certain part one

I owe you tons of stories!
started from my weekend,
I wont used any complicated words here, even i would like to do so.
Saturday i had practice traditional dance from Indonesia with my cousins, we were about to performed on Sunday. I'm not that good but I'm good enough:)

I realized that I got easily distracted - on this dance we really need to focus on it.
then on Sunday, there are 10 of us, kids and aunts, performed at TMII, a place where you could see the inside and out about cities around Indonesia and couple museums.
I got pretty nervous before the show, but it went well.
I did not have the pictures, but soon when I get, I'll post here

next, Sunday afternoon, after dance, There are my friends bands that will perform on somewhere called Liverpool cafe, caman. it was very far from my regular place to hang out,
I went there with Arky and Betary.
We had trouble to find the venue, but it was fun lol

finally.. we arrived,
but unfortunately I missed one of my friend band called customer and the bellboy, I might have mentioned them earlier.
Still though there are 2 more bands will perform.
honestly, I don't really like the place,
it was dark and covered with smokes,

but I deal with it anyway.
and my friends keeping me accompanied.

Here I mention my awesome friends that complete my Sunday: Arky, Betary, Luna, Yasmin & fam, Angga, Adi, Iksan, Kevin, Fauzan, Naher, Arief, Panji, Coki, Madun, Ka Acid, Meiz, and Onay.

after show - a bit blur; from left to right: Onay, Me, Ka Acid, Meiz.

from left to right: Me, Arky, Betary, and Luna

I was afraid that I might pissed somebody off but I hope not.
Okay, the next band is The Fire Fighters. I saw them performed.

Then Arky and Betary went home earlier after.
and the last band I was going to see is The Ingredients.

They are the guestar of the show, so, they perform pretty late
I almost missed them play (transport complication) but Oh thanks god, it was neatly handled. I swear I hate to missed Ingredients for real.
All of my friends performed very well.
I'm proud of them:)
The event has come to an end,
it's time to go home, Onay, Madun, Ka acid and Meiz was very kind taking me home safe and sound to my apartment.
even we had (again) some trouble with the route home. still, it was one of the part I like about that night, I was surrounded with laugh and jokes. Oh, and horror stories.
They're awesome!
in every thing, I hate ends on a superb day.
anyway, I believe there always another wicked journey awaits

A piece by : Fiya Muiz


on this case whatever you define Love, Yes, I'm in love with this band,
Mcfly, from UK - First found fame in 2004.

they were not too popular besides in UK. I was not shocked when people have no idea about this band.
So, hereby I want to share to the rest of the world, about my heart

you may check their tunes on myspace,

the lyrics are wicked.

and the most important about a band is the band member it self.

they're down to earth - just like i said, they do have twitter

Tom Fletcher on guitarist/vocalist

He sort of the bossy one of the group. he wrote almost every song on the album, and make it number one.

Danny Jones as the vocalist/guitarist

he has the most wonderful voice ever and his look obviously gorgeous

Harry Judd on drum

Harry's the most mature person in the band and lord, he's very talented

last, Dougie Poynter - He's the youngest band member,
he's nasty, he's bad but most of it the own my heart.

anything he did will never change my view to him.
he inspired me to play bass. He was my first reason to play bass.
I. Love. Him.

details..... check their myspace alright? cheers
A piece by : Fiya Muiz



oh twitter is more getting me, it decreases my bad mood - especially when Dougie just post something on it.
My Friday so far is good,
My friend, Zara, bring her mac. I just found out that Mac is interesting.
We had photobooth.
Soon, it gonna showed up in Facebook.
Now, all of my classmates are watching Horror movie called Coming Soon.
I got distracted by this mac, because I found it more fun.
This keyboard they were like shouting to be pushed.
and and what else, Next week My senior will have National Exams, and me as a junior well us, the 10th grade will have free day from school which is very very awesome - 
I haven't make any plans yet.
but this Sunday, my friends' bands, will perform somewhere in East Jakarta.
Just wait for the review, I'll post here soon.
I hope it'll be triple wicked!

Errr, this blog is pointless isn't it?
A piece by : Fiya Muiz

If I dont live today, I might live tomorrow

I don't know you
But I want you
All the more for that
Words fall through me
And always fool me
And I can't react
And games that never amount
To more than they're meant
Will play themselves out

Take this sinking boat and point it home
We've still got time
Raise your hopeful voice you have a choice
You'll make it now

Falling slowly, eyes that know me
And I can't go back
Moods that take me and erase me
And I'm painted black
You have suffered enough
And warred with yourself
It's time that you won

Take this sinking boat and point it home
We've still got time
Raise your hopeful voice you had a choice
You've made it now
Falling slowly sing your melody
I'll sing along

Falling slowly by Glen Hansard

That song makes me had a goosebumps.
err, School has no point these days. and twitter get me all the time.
There's nothing necessary to tell,
Oh yes, I have good friends that made me a song, which is very sweet and I love them :)
it called November 23rd, because it's my birthday
they have not recorded it yet. but when they done, i'll post here soon!

Sorry, I have to go, my brother wants to use this pc

A piece by : Fiya Muiz

Only Lives on The Weekend

I'm not in love, this is not my heart I'm not gonna waste this words, about a boy

I might did not know what am I going to write,
back to the weekdays,
I'm just taking few minutes off then i'll be back to my duty.
well, i made my twitter account because Dougie did.
and it's kind of cool to know Dougie update a status few minutes ago - feels just like he's just across the line when the truth he's thousands miles away in UK.

earlier in Tuesday music class, despite listening to more than words or sound of music songs, I'd rather hear about a girl by

caught my ears - even though this is not the first time i heard it,.

I'm done writing my short-novel, I showed it to my friends, and I'm glad they love it,
but I'm going to add few more part, to make it more... more something.
as the matter of fact that my eyes already sleepy and i don't have, err, i don't think there is anything to tell
beside, I'm looking forward for the weekend for sure
and oh, how to lose the bad habit?
I was suffered for uncontrollable temper - which affect my mood so bad and so fast means not so good anyway
and i could not count how many times I've said 'freak' today
A piece by : Fiya Muiz

slow current

my weekday life is........................................................... - i don't even know what the shape is
A piece by : Fiya Muiz

your all of my days

this song represent current me :D

You make me happy
whether you know it or not
We should be happy that's what I said from the start
I am so happy knowing you are the one
That I want for the rest of my days
For the rest of my days
Your all of my days

Your lookin so cool your lookin so fly
I can't deny that when I'm staring
You down right dead in the eye
I wanna try to be the person you want
The person you need
It's hard to conceive
That somebody like you could be with
Someone like me

Your lookin so fresh
It's catching my eye
ask why it took so long to see
Were meant to be

On the good, the bad, the ugly
The smiles, the laughs, the funny,
Or all the things we put each other through
It's for you for you for youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

You make me happy whether you know it or not
We should be happy that's what I said from the start
I am so happy knowing you are the one
That I want for the rest of my days
For the rest of my days
Your all of my days

-Happy by Nevershoutnever-
A piece by : Fiya Muiz

The point's still the same,

varies kind of personalities lead to one similiarities, probably selfish.
i was not the expert of understanding, but i'm trying every second of it,
socializing not very my type, i do love meeting new faces but i'm not really good with it.
people i knew not all of them understandable, few are changing like a sequence, which is pretty annoying - maybe i did change but i will never realized if nobody tell me.
i'm not trying to be over-judge here, i dont even know what i was talking about.
being less selfish in a way.
but my temper still.. unstabil.
is being a teenager can be an excuse? screw them.
unbearable truant was getting more worse everyday.

i'm on some-trouble some defining a feeling, when you refuse to eat or sleep, better keep your self busy doing something that did not make any spesific changes with your state of mind you just want to be busy in some way, repeating same memories (embarassing and sweet one) back then, keep seeing the same face everywhere, everytime you mention or just remember the name you had butterflies attack, you made them inspiration for your writing, and last, you weren't settled yet if it has not been discuss on the blog?
it's taste odd.

What's on my mind:
weekend has been on my top freaking priority.
weekend is what i have been waiting for starts from early monday.
long weekend is awesome-ly worth living.
weekend is the cure.

running away is so tempting,
running away is easy,
running away did not solve anything.
being careless is fine,
you'll live your life better than stress-minded out there.
being left out is bad.
we all had our down moment - be glad if you had one, stand up, ignore it
live your life as you wish, honeys.

remember two things:
1. everything will be alright
2. do what you think is right - do what ever you want

err, and love is undefineable. i'm not daring my self for saying i'm in love - i dont get the phrase
i just know it's something beautiful :)

squeeze was the easiest act when you got jealous - specialy during movies

music is the best thing ever

I watched Knowing played by Nicholas Cage on the cinema early afternoon, i don't really get the story, it's not on the clear path way - for me. obviously different with the epic twilight - just different.
next up, went to happy jack and right now i already tried the menus, err what is in french, marvelous?
i'll take as.. magnifique
oh you should try the banana oreo milkshake or milk tea, they're a freak - i love it!
if you have facebook, might want to join this group happy jack
it tells you everything about it.

oh yes, pictures with ilham and riza, (Y)

at happy jack's

with riza

you could ignore riza here; he's overrated lol

A piece by : Fiya Muiz


One question, does teacher know everything? If it so, it must be cool, most of them could answer every freaking questions, ugh. Here I am, on last hour before the schools over, which was my aim since I step on the stair headed to my class this morning heheh
Tomorrow I'll have free day - it's election day, I dunno what's the importance of it, I'm still sixteen and have not got the rights for involved with it. So I'll look the details later maybe.
Errr, I had streets hand-ball game on gym class before.. There was no spesific rule or any detention. I am not good with it, not at all. I was just running acting like I was busy, well I am focusing the movement where the ball goes, was that include as busy? Lol anyway it was fun. The rain also decorate the atmosphere of the game, it did not last long, because it got more harsh, yeah we ended it up.
I had extrta lessons means will got home latebut but but welcoming weekend is dope peeps - hmmmmmmmmmm I'm gonna go looking something to eatzzzaaah au revoir
A piece by : Fiya Muiz

frankly said

oh i don't know what to say. yes, i'm sleepy. i was over excited that my so called what ever it is novel is almost done, it's just words hanging around on microsoft words. only 20 something pages. it's about... sure teenager, with characteristic that I found in my daily life. I'm not making it too fairy tale. probably just a life that I create in my above reality. but back to the basic, people has different sight of view.
I'll find a way what would I do next with it, I have to make it done first thing first.
and I'll talk about it soon when its done
Oh, wow. here it goes again, there's a phase that goes like this in indonesia "malas sekolah" if you dont understand you could search on google translate indonesia to english, it explain more-so now. hmmm, I'm gonna go looking for.. for... light, errrr
A piece by : Fiya Muiz

another midnight to waste

I dont think 24 hours are enough for one day, because as the fact that there are A LOT of things to done in one day, how could you expect to finished it so soon?
there are two options i see,
1. make one day more than 24 hours. which is obviously couldn't so, this must be strike out from the option but still included anyway
2. decreasing the home work, duty, unfinished job at the office, or whatever it called!
option two is more sure and more make sense uh? but i'm tired making all of things senseable lol
I bet I have to stay up late (again) tonight, but this time, it's because my biology essay, well as you can see, i've been saying biology essay/papers recently, yes, it does. my biology teacher maybe over-prepared us for later collage or using us for..... okay it's just thought passed by.
everyone protested right when the time this assignment was told, oh, deep inside my heart, yes, i would love to do it, but I know it's just kind of waste of voice screaming or begging to canceled the assignement, every teacher has this kind of stubborn attitude, in any way, me myslef, even I'm not a teacher also has it so, yeah, it so humane.
It's about How transnational Corporation make farmer poorer. I asked my dad about it and he has no clue.
Now are you expecting me to write 5 pages of it, with the fact that my dad that lived for years years above me has no clue? I told you this is nuts.
I'm not done yet, for refresh my mind for a moment, I write this blog instead.
I do what I think it's right,
and another challange to finished it by morning :D
my adrenaline was pumped by the songs in my ipod makes me want to move move and shake shake all over my room, if stranger looks, err, not even stranger, if someone sees me like this, the first thing on their mind was..... anything embarassing. hehe
anyway people, this is the side effect of Biology-sily-sily-assignment.
Oh, I haven't post photos from last saturday
wait, hold on

me and andra; bit blurry on purpose cause i found it cute

panic at the disco yeah yeah yeahs
errrrrrrr, I heard another long weekend coming up,
ummmm, there's one question linger all the time since I was on elementary school until now, that grows more bad
Why am I so lazy to study? hehehehehehe lol

I must change,

by first finishing this essay, see you later peeps!

A piece by : Fiya Muiz

too many points here

if FBI recruit people who good on pretending, where should I sign up? anyone knows? but not CIA, I want FBI - even though I did not know where the differences besides the alphabet.
reminds me why I'm here, I dunno. sometimes I told my mind to stop thinking. I have ignore the meaning of mind grammatically.
I watched 2 movies today, First, long-time-ago-cartoon on dvd, Anastasia. Oh crap, I did cry.
on this song specially, at the beginning. while the scenes played back, between Anastasia and Dimitri. I could feel tears trembled on me. oh help help

Someone holds me safe and warm, horses prance through a silver storm, Figures dancing gracefully, across my memory,
-once upon a December-

second, fast and furious, err, was I mentioned it right? Well, on the early scenes I prefer Anastasia in every way, but, well Paul Walker is attractive, pals.
hold yourself.

and Oh, Vin Diesel back on my hot papas list lol

neverhoutnever new song! listen to it, you'll understand why I put it here.
Oh, I took quizzes from facebook, showed how retarded i am.
if you're asking me should i do another thing here, yes, absolutely, a lot of stuff I should do, but it's against my will, or motto i should say.
in the way that i could do anything i want, so, I'm not doing it now. i will. but not now.
I am so curious how to keep the good mood shielding you from bad atmosphere.
I have to find it out soon. yeah, soon.
like another Sunday, I am still awake in the middle of the night. gah. i don't care.
I found something interesting in 1970 besides the fashion, is the song - close to you by carpenters (here's the video). that song was just pop-out from my head and I was like singing the song 5 times non stop.
blame the person who makes me think this song is cute. but by blaming
him, it wont help anything, it wont stop him showed everywhere. and I'm not ready yet to say I'm in love - screw it
have you ever think, there would be NO loves song if you're not feeling in love, if you don't have someone to dedicate those songs for. hm. like i said - screw it - i didn't know what I'm talking about.
okay, err, I haven't finish write my novel - i almost busy doing what i want lol
wowowowowowowow, look what I found,
Robert Schwartzman :D
ah, I'm done here,
see you soon

A piece by : Fiya Muiz


I had speaking test early this morning, it went well. not perfect but, fine. After that I helped my classmates doing bazaar thing. us and the coconut trees (from left: emil, el, me)

don't you fake it

-photos were taken before bazaar.-

It was hot hot sweat. There were a lot of people but limited spaces, I got burnt on the sun. There also performance from each class in my school. me myself I cant be there until end because I had to practice with my band. it has been a long time we have not gathered.
I love love love my uk! :D
we did not get a chance to take a picture because Arky was in a hurry.
after practice I went back home. Had little less shower.
my ass doesn't comprehend with the sofa. I was unsettled in a while, staying at home...
in the first place, I was planning to go somewhere but the fact that my friend canceled it, I did not want to go alone.
but then..
I always taking every chances on granted lol I come up with devilish idea, my other friends were on the area near my apartment, so with a little doubt I went straight there by taxi.
believe it or not, taxi became so familiar recently.
I don't care if only spending 2 or 3 hours with them, I always need entertainment.
and they who can give it to me was only my friends.
I heart them all <3
This time, I did not go back home late. by 9.30 I was sit tight in front of my pc, writting this :)
A piece by : Fiya Muiz

anarchy wth

my intention first was to write blog, but. oh well. yeah.
okay, my friday went well,
gah you would not believe for how many times i've been yawning this couple minutes.
my eyes hurt, i know they were begging for sleep, for rest.
I got home late because i have to decorate my class stand's. tomorrow my school has this sort of events or fair, err, bazaar.
it quite driving everyone busy - my careless state was getting higher, i bet because i'm on my period lol
Oh yeah, on native subject, Andrew gave us a movie to watch. it's Horton.
I never watch it before, I have not finished it now anyway so I have to wait another week -
that was not what I would like to tell,
I was asking Andrew about his day, because he looked very very very extremely busy.
he writes all the time while the movie was played.
it was around 3.30 pm on Friday, everyone must have smells weekend air, right?
but Andrew still got class and few meetings he said - see what a busy man he is.
AND on weekend he almost did not get a chance to have a day off. He's not complaining it, I was the one who asked.
He said he help (as volunteer) on free school every Sunday or Saturday (I forgot). how cool is that?
I would like to join him and be more socialize!
I guess that's all I'm here for today. Now, I should be sleeping in my bed but I'm still preparing for tomorrows practice with my band :D
umm, pms makes you more sensitive than usual,
Yeah, so long
A piece by : Fiya Muiz

Don't just stand there, make it happen.

I'm not standing, I'm on my way, waiiiiiiiiiiiiitttt fooooooooor meeeeeeeeeeeee siiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!
A piece by : Fiya Muiz

pardon me, its too loud

This world is just too loud, even the smallest sound ever made. Not only my ears that trying to ignore, but my head was keep pounding hurshing them - every sound - to stop or probably wait or lowering the note a couple octaf. That was more annoying than the buzzing bee or honks on the middle of traffic. Oh please. They might judge me over ignorant, so what that's who I am, even I know, I see those was not really good or purely positive personalities, but does they understand the phase about "people are different" ? FOOLISH.
Okay physics practical calling!
How to measure volt, resistance, capasitor, and ammeter wiwiwiwiwiw
Anyway I'm not trying to offend anyone, let me emphasized, anyone up there
Au revoir
A piece by : Fiya Muiz


oh, I was opened this tab about 15minutes ago but I just got busy chatting with friends and also I have not eat dinner yet, internet always sways me away and forget time obviously.
I just got home like....... around 7.30pm I had extra lesson chemistry which is very cool because I do really need it. so as I got home, I rushed to my computer - chemistry starts growing on me - anyway, I'm off to bed.
I promised not to sleep late
now its 9.40pm soooo
A piece by : Fiya Muiz