The Past

Red Eyes Turned Me Over

I'm holding myself in certainty, but they pushed me too hard in spite of me being so weak,
I broke.
secretly under the timber I fit my self, the situation was so perfect.
tears suddenly overflow. I need a hand to keep me warm, I seek for someone's shoulder to share.
when the wall got crushed and became obvious, useless denying been composed. I just knew something was wrong, something indescribable.
Telling ears 'I'm alright'. Lies.
Pair of incisive eyes scanning me hiding, embarrassed but helpless.
All emotions crumble in one with one descending tears. Major unreasonable relief.
by them surround me, threat me in the right aim, things looked better.
countless gratitude send towards those names,
Thanks for being there.
I'll be alright in a second.

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A piece by : Fiya Muiz


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"sing until your lungs give out"

A piece by : Fiya Muiz


so, here is the thing, I had a thing with Zara's Mac. I mean obviously the keyboard were screaming to be touched! seriously, I couldn't stop to pushing the toots all over again. lol
and with Adelaide sky by Adhitya Sofyan as the back sound, this classroom is perfect for writing blog.
I'm still at school.
Another enchanted friday. Friday always fun, folks. I just seen twenty first night (local band) performed on my school yard, and the sun was blazing hawt.
and turned out, my car has not come yet, soooo back in the class take the advantage of the free wi-fi, here I am.
updating pointless blog.

Todays PhotoBooth:
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"you'll never be 16 again"
A piece by : Fiya Muiz


been abandoning this for a while, I wanted to update it yesterday but the tiny pic acting like a bastard. so, yea, where I've been? Sunday I went to the beach for small exercise, sunday morning breeze was never felt so right. late on the afternoon, my band was scheduled for performing at Viky Sianipar but it got canceled due to health problem, my vocalist and guitarist were sick. But I did go to the venue, seen one of my friend performed. On mid night, I watched Harry Potter and The Half blood prince,
it was good but I don't know why the recent movies I watched not like what I expected like what public impressed me to. it was awesome though seeing those faces again since I actually grew up with them all.
but then I got sick and skipped school for one day. But I'm alright now.
hey, my school are doing cool, seriously.

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A piece by : Fiya Muiz


Everything built up from History. Everything has history.

Dear-y, blog

I haven’t talked a while about my school, I’m an eleventh grader or as known as second grade in High School. I got two more years to go to finished High School (hopefully sooner), leaving pledge as immature teenager to adults.

I took social science/humanity based on the fact that I keen on social.

I got Economics, Business Studies, Music, Math, Sociology, and English and so on. Oh, might need to underline, no chemistry.

It’s quite challenging for every new stars, through all the consideration and all the profit and loss counts.

Honestly it turned out very well. I feel fine, few tangible changes that I could feel as stages for growing up. The subjects also got my attention, they are fresh and interesting. I like the positive aura surrounding.

I have new classmates, new teachers, and new classroom. I could not explain much though. You just need to know I’m good. And I hope you too.

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mankeeh tu meeleeyownare raawks

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i go for hippies

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black white and red is the new hype
A piece by : Fiya Muiz

Coke On My Pocket

want to share good tunes from here Coke On My Pocket
There were 5 of them, Ichsan Ramadhan, Andra Wattimena, Ragil Wiradiputra, Adam Sapta Nugraha , and Shodi Ayaru Madian then formed COMP.
their tunes were kind of different and cool, wouldn't say too much crap here, just let your ears decide

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A piece by : Fiya Muiz


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me without you is like:

a shoe without laces,
a geek without braces,
A piece by : Fiya Muiz

for you

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if things goes right, we're meant to be.
if things goes left, we're made for each other.
if things stay still, we'll never be apart.
if there's no thing, there will be only you and me.
if there's any things, I love you more.
if 'if' not enough, our story remain infinite. stays & shine for eternity.

A piece by : Fiya Muiz

Dude, life goes on

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We should be thankful for whatever we felt right in this moment,

whether you felt sad, happy, ignorant, hype or anything.
just be thankful you could felt something.
Once I've wished that I should be have no feelings. So I did not felt guilty when actually I was not wrong,
I did not have to felt sad when I broke up, etc. I was so wrong and immature.
behind all the rubbish thing, they told us how it feels to be happy.
without any pain there will be no pleasure.
If you're feeling-less, you could not taste the differences because everything will taste the same.
the collaboration between negative and positive you could differ both of them
We would not know how beautiful being in love without all the false hopes and heart break
Your life will be monochrom. there is no color involved in your life.
without being suicidal, you would not know how massive your wants to enjoy the life.
you might read this as a package of bullshit now,
well I hope someday you would read this and you already get to the point where you understand and felt, this was not.
got it?

A piece by : Fiya Muiz

distract me!

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there was uncertain fear inside me, I began to exaggerate. There was the moment when the tension was like a fire, trembling on your body and just could not stop moving.
words never missed the air, fingers keep typing unreadable figures.
tried to ease all the sweats, shut up. distract me! distract me!
my ears been listening to all below tempo melody, when it was considered in to love songs.
sick of avoiding or denying.
someone appears on every sight and every footstep of mine,
I assume something is wrong, meanwhile I heard whisperer said this abruptly veritable.
I've been dwell inside the pool of honesty. somehow I could not resist the feeling of falling.
Don't ever blame gravity.
A piece by : Fiya Muiz


1:41 A.M
Hey please stop.
I'm sleepy.
Goodnight, everywhere.
Well wait, I've been absent from this whole blogging for a while I am so sorry. My holiday is almost over which it never sounded good since I had it in mind. Wish I could do something to make it longer and longer and longer.
Even no special thing I did around here. But made few new friends was total awesomeness.
I've seen so many thumbs up bloggers around the cybernet out there, somehow it kind of irritating. Being careless not always bad.

I have new habit. I couldn't sleep before the clock ticks until 1 a.m above. Another unhealthy life I'm on. Bad me.

People got abused by what common haters think, they see what's common when something doesn't always go by the rule.
sometimes being eccentric is fine. I recommended you a movie called Martian Child
it obviously would teach you something. If it did not touch you at all, you'd better hurry to find your heart that you might lost it somewhere.
gotta go to hug blanket and few plans to catch up, au revoir
A piece by : Fiya Muiz

grown upss

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I've seen people growing up when unexpectedly and somehow maybe I've changed too.
From how they speak, how they write, how the dressed and commenting about something.
I laugh when I saw some noticeable differences on people, I knew some were bad and some were unexplainable awesome.
and right now, I don't mind when I got high volume through pair of earphone put on my ears,
songs just took me away from somewhere I wrote this.
When I don't really enjoy reality does that count as grown up? you may see a lot of question marks here, locked with all the questions.
When we will get the degree as grown up?
adjusting every first thing that happened in life, able to control temper. shut up.
grown ups swears a lot, that's disgraceful, do pleaded guilty but it slipped out, was that forgivable?
excuses, excuses
Adults get angry easily, so whats the different with 5 years old kid?
So when exactly we step up from teenager, and being able to do few things under the law or not under the law judged as things it could be done when you are an adult?
Okay, you smoke? friend told me Adult could see difference between rights and wrongs,
as long as I concern smokes caused several highest death reasons of all time, and people still smoke,
are their definition for right is different when it looked from younger age?
or they just uneducated enough?
Oh, one more question, Does in love only counts when you are labeled as adults?
because you know what, I guess I like someone.
A piece by : Fiya Muiz


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Without necessary reason I took my red spidol on my table and starts to screwing sinless cotton,

Help me out, I’m worried.

Get well soon, crush.


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true bored.
A piece by : Fiya Muiz


It all began when Hanna asked me out to go to Monas on planless Thursday, I would love to filled in my holiday with the fact I actually don't have any serious plan for going out of town eventhough honestly I needed that.
She asked me doing thing that I'm not used to.
So yes, my unusual Thursday.
I've been looking for new activities since last Saturday, and I found it. How cool
I went to monas with Rara, we took a cab (and oh hell yeah cab as been my sort-of-own car ya know)
I haven't been to Monas since more than 6 years ago. For real, I live not far from the place but I never reach that place.
I waited for Hanna, in front of the large entrance gate. I felt kind of insecure in a way because there were a lot of strangers that loves to play kite or in indonesian we called it Alay.
untrusted stranger that looked so weird.
but also couple of bules that always been my favorite. kind of proud for Jakarta.
Finally Hanna arrived so we started to walked more further inside to the exact umm.. building?
I met a lot of new frwens that day, new type of friends. recently I'm close with bands, and now bunch of talanted artist who really knows art. when around them I kind of feel irritated, their photographs were awesome.
Oh I haven't told you yet, we were there for photosphotos ya know.
still without point lol
I actually have to go back home at 7 but two idescribeable hideous masterminds, disemutin (Ical and Philo or laci and olip or whatver) made me forgot about 7 p.m thing, so dad, if you're mad, blame both of them! ...joking
we actually about to go to the train station, but on the sidewalk just outside monas, we stopped by for taking some pictures. but it ended up, not just some, but TONS of pictures. gah
poor hanna she must uploaded ALL the pictures all by her self lol
but that was the best part of my thursday, I almost wordless to explain. I laughed too hard until caused my stomach extra odd pain.
the guys seems like they don't have any shy nerves or something wrong with them, buuuuuuuuuuuut still, they are lovely.
Oh wait, I might change my mind.
they called me Pokemon because I looked so tiny. hem
see, how patience I was?
we took pictures with Arab family, saman on bare street, olip and his hand stand, Ical with his helga, with horses (okay, not with 'w' guys), Hanna with the indian guy, rara as Manohara of the night.
Oh and a quote from Mr. Disemutin

"kami tidak anti sosial, tapi sosial yang anti kami"

sweet dude.
then we continued to Sarina to get some food, ah my heels almost killing my feet hehehehe
last stop, Mcd.
they had drawing lesson with olip, but not me hehehe I can't draw sorry.
11p.m time to go home
so that goes my eventful thursday, hows yours? :D

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arab family

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do the hand stand!

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we are obviously not related han.

more pictures!

A piece by : Fiya Muiz



today I watched Ice age 3, it was oddly hideous, I laughed all the way. so when you really need something funny, just watch Ice age 3, trust me!
today went fun, with andra, iki, kevin, ori and met rara, zara, raja and dirot.
jcool, starbucks, sushi tei I had full enough of them.
its 1 am here,
better off to sleep
au revoir peeps

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A piece by : Fiya Muiz