The Past

We could do something, but they say it's nothing

you have to know how it feels when you felt happy but leaving someone else feels resentful

and in the same time, you're not sure where are your brain because something made it invisible.
in a time where nobody could save you for listening.
i was stuck in the corner, asking "what exactly should i feel?"
then came in mind, being sense-less is way considered.
I felt good tonight despite I'll never be in two places at a day, on limited-extremely-narrow time.
no matter how neat you arrange the plan it self, and ended up pissed somebodys off somehow.
its hard to pleased everybody.
Dude, I suck.

My cousin had birthday bash at my grandma's, he just turned 7
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what did you wish when you were seven?

I looked tightly from the priority, so I went down to west side of jakarta.
Monkey to Millionaire launched an album called "Lantai Merah" at Score, Citos.

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taken by me
Clear liquor and cloudy eyed, too early to say goodnight -stolen-

early moment, I got sort of pissed because I have to pay 50 thousands rupiah for entering the events.
but there is NO effort remembering all the loss.
I watched gugun and the blues shelter, LALA and Monkey to Millionaire of course,
they all performed very well, I enjoyed most of the gigs though.
I met Aninda and Cygnus and friends + Zara and Gasha (I had disturb two couples tonight, ah, how pathetic)
then Meiz, Coki, Nael, and Rico.
Probably I wont meet Nael again for a long time, as the fact that he headed to India next tuesday.
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I saw my recent-fav song from MTM, called Merah

"dan aku tersayat lagi, merahi lantai lagi"

"mereka yang kita sayangi, yang paling mampu menyakiti"

those phrases caught my attention, and I saw it live last night, which is pretty cool because its very rare I'll see them live.
I had fun,
but I felt not too good missed one event at tebet,
trust me, I feel bad I even don't know how to say it,
believe me, I feel so bad.
A piece by : Fiya Muiz

Skeptic and true believers

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I've went late for swimming earlier, I was ended up rummaging my wardrobe,
those was my recent activities. all in the sudden I'm very passionate on fashion. so I've posted a look on my lookbook and sure on wfd.
wfd: when fashion discovered is a blog that I made with my pal, ninda. started when we all fed up (more to envy) about those fashionista that looked so good, so we decided that why not we make one, also intended to distribute every single human being about their interest in style & fashion.
so I would like to invite you all to send pictures on the other blog that I manage, puhleaaaseeeeeeeeeee folks.
It'll means a lot for us.

When my feet felt the water, the moon showed half shaped, in between the skyline.
no birds, just laugh from strangers aside of the pool.
I'm alone, and I don't feel any objection. The first second I jumped in, the water smack my skin, striking cold.
swimming at night was sweet. I closed my eyes, held my breath under the water and think more deep, deep and deeper. what should I forget?
and I had monologue scene, I know, the guy that I always coming back to after everything and my economic score. I dive more deep to the floor, I can feel the pressure that increasing every cm I got deeper, yes, that's exactly what I need. the pressure that pushed down my brain. my ears started to feel ache. Last, I surrender to the surface. Let my body float, but there was no indestructable views, the sky is too dark, but light from every window that surrounds me was slightly helping. by six thirty I already back in my room.
I am really by the mean really sleepy since early morning but when I do something I like, my eyes will forget what sleepy raison d'etre. I went grocery shoping, it took a while and on the way home I slept, right when I step on apartment, I rushed to this computer wreak my wants to write.
midnight clock calling I can't take it to stay any longer awake, I need sleep
A piece by : Fiya Muiz

can you feel the heat?

the heat was so over rated, living in subtropics island was never been my choice.
this head phone covered my ears, rejects all the others sounds besides tunes from my wmp.
infrequently I could feel the wind breeze and sway my hair slightly from my neck.
my day were alright, had sleepiest morning I've ever remembered. school was never been
appertain to my priority
and in the middle of state between surprised got C on my economics
I let my fears go away, I'm tired keeping insecure feeling.

about one week coherency that I was involved with, I knew, having hope around was not so good. it little less leads you to pulled a long face. Fortunately, I'm a good dealer for heaven's sake
I've never heard about him since.
Oh well, the sun shines right above my sky, brighter than usual.
my tongue screaming for drinks, but my brain wont tell my legs to move, this chair captivated my ass.
my eyes were pointed to swimming pool, something clear in blue throwing signals, asking me to get submerge.
...I was observing sites of friendship they say, and as I quoted from my folk, "the new encyclopedia of your friends" more or less you'd probably know about latest bird fly news.
god just want to show me things that I should understand just not by words, but my a mediocrity, so I could understand easily.
what you have felt by yourself you'll comprehend more than just through story. trust me, those really accurate.
envious sense wrap me as I read things on the innocence wall. build damnable thoughts, crushed my ardour like a cranberry.
everything will come back to our self, depends how we handle everything no exceptions.
you'll always feels happy if you takes everything as happy moments.
enjoy life while you have it on your palm.
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I'm thinking about swimming, gotta go
A piece by : Fiya Muiz

I dare you to move

That was me on Wednesday night, with Biology book on my head. the atmosphere was too suffocating.
I need holiday with no MORE exams.

and this one another when I got home from buying gift for my rawksbrother, Nael.
in one week, he'll fly to India and god knows when he would go back to Jakarta.
even though he was not really truly my biological brother and sometimes he got very annoying but guess we'll be missing him. I'll post the present soon, but not now, aight?
I had lunch at andra's, well it was actually in the afternoon, but who cares. yeah, back to our old spot at her house we talked about our junior high moments, starts from the events that led us to The Ingredients, band which Nael takes role, and CATB and TFF and all the sweets memories.
almost a year ago.. memory lane.
it was so snazzy.
so my life went normal since I've left this blog, just school and home.
my weekend spirit will never extinct, even I'll have chemistry exams on Monday, hell. I'm going to live my life like I want to.
Do not ever dictate me,
and little bit message for ya, do whatever you want
don't let anything hold up what you wanted.
so I already smell saturdaaaaaay, let see where I'll end up in.
A piece by : Fiya Muiz

They'll have to agree

The moment has come to face the truth
I'm wide awake and so are you
Do you have a clue what this is (I don't know)
Are you everything that I've missed? (I don't hope so)
We'll just have to wait and see (wait and see)
If things go right, we're meant to be

The surface is gone. I scratched it off
We made some plans. I let them go
Do you have the slightest idea (No I don't)
Why the world is bright when you're near
Stay awhile and wait and see (wait and see)
If things go right, we're meant to be

Oh, what a world this life would be
Forget all your technicolour dreams
Forget modern nature
this is how it's meant to be

The time is here for being straight
It's not too early and never too late
People say I should watch my pace (What do they know?)
"Think how you spend all your days" (They all say so)
They'll just have to wait and see (Wait and see)
If things go right they'll have to agree

Modern Nature by Sondre Lerche
A piece by : Fiya Muiz

You gotta help me out!

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a guy who wears 32 shirt scream with all his voice "RAWK AND RAAWL" and with one punctuation the other guy giving plain expression "?"

I'll always set aside of my time after school, after exams, to be exact for get online-ing checking blog etc and now I have new hobby, because of last night I found cool song, I was downloading every songs that came in my that I don't have yet.
Waking up in vegas, even now, we've got a big big mess in our hand, skeptic and true believers, and many more.
do you have any recomended songs? I really need suggestion! comment me
Oh what would I be without music?
I'm gonna go lunch then watch tv for a while then go on the ride with math books

love ya!
A piece by : Fiya Muiz

sing like no one listening

I dunno where have I been lately, blame me if I don't give too much attention to my own country music progress, I apologize.
so this is the story, when I got bored and started to surfing around facebook, there was one of my friend, his name is riza, he uploaded an odd video (just click this if you want to see), I saw guitar when I knew that he doesn't do guitar, so I decided to check it out, and guess what
he covered a simple song, with acoustic guitar,
it was not bad, it was fine. a bit pitchy on his voice, but that absolutely tolerable, he was not vocalist, and it was good for ordinary people.
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a song by rocket rockers, "Hilang ingatan"
for those of you that did not understand or speak Indonesian language you might need dictionaries on google,
This song is about someone that trying to forget somebody, that's the whole point. with all the torture and hard to move on, thinking that the best way is just lost all the memories.
i'm in love with this song.
I've repeated for almost thousands time.

Menghilanglah dari kehidupanku
enyanhlah dari hati yg tlah hancur
kehadiran sosokmu kan menyiksaku
biarkan disini ku menyendiri

Pergilah bersamanya disana
dengan dia yg ada segalanya
bersenang-senanglah sepuasanya
biarkan disini ku menyendiri

Terlintas keinginan tuk dapat
hilang ingatan agar semua terlupakan
dan ku berlari sekencang-kencangnya
tuk melupakan mu yg tlah berpaling

kau hadirkan ingatan yg seharusnya kulupakan
Dan kuhancurkan adanya...
kau hadirkan ingatan yg seharusnya kulupakan
Dan kuhancurkan adanya.....

Letih disini...
kuingin hilang ingatan
Letih Disini.....
kuingin hilang ingatan
A piece by : Fiya Muiz


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I scream & shout
I play & sleep
I cried & hope
I do whatever I want
I love you

I'll see you on summer, love!
A piece by : Fiya Muiz

3 weeks ago

i have not some activities that I had way back when, I found a picture that my friend tag around err maybe 3 weeks ago or more,
we had dinner on Menteng, it located on the sidewalks with the range of price pretty fine, you should try dim sum over there!
(also I'm trying tinypic from moi friend, guess it worked)
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Image and video hosting by TinyPic
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A piece by : Fiya Muiz

Don't read

Not so much essential thing happened in my life, writing something ordinary was getting out of date,
so when I found something worth thinking,
I will ended up here, on my blog.
Yes, You are one of the.. remarkable experience that I had these couple of days.
I know I felt coward by not writing your name here,
but my logical brain had strained me for it.
sometimes though, I hope I could type your full name here with the largest font ever invented,
and craved on the tree.
but that depends what will happen next.
just like lovely song by chase coy, the future is near but never certain.
That's also applies here, on my triumph life.
Don't call me over or too much, well, you have been introduces to someone that has 'writer' on future job list / ambition.
Obviously I'd love to write and exaggerate anything.
I had suspicion on you that might be read this entry and taking your own conclusion,
let's us elaborate, we'll find something.
anyway, you made through here, congratulations.
I'm losing words to got more involve with.
so, I'll talk to you soon?

A piece by : Fiya Muiz


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the skyscrapers were too high to reach, I would not knew what's about you
I never had the courage to speak,
and I was so jaded to guess.
I am terrified of what she'll tell,
I'm just scared it showed my weakness.
I have to control my emotion for giving devotion.
turned out to be my biggest fear was my quaint feeling,
I'm not holding the steer.
neither automatic or manual, something uncontrollable
I have to restrain
not to hoping too good.
but at any cost,
I still frightened

A piece by : Fiya Muiz

classic case

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over the sidewalks, running away from the streets we knew, like the time we thought was made for you

A piece by : Fiya Muiz


I was looking for the right phrase to put
distinguish between grin and honest smile,
hiding all the truth beneath the skin.
I'm tired arranging things.
I've took many pictures tonight.
even though my Saturday was not going so well, I was stuck accompany my dad to some furniture fair, one word: bored.
but if I felt that bored I might have defeated by it, I don't want to.
so I tried sooo many ways to avoid it,
and without my good luck charm, my only source of entertainment (read: hand phone) was caught dead because of the battery.
I saw foreigner speak Indonesian and I can't hold my laugh, his accent was so right, so clear but that was just odd.
I'll post the pictures coming up
A piece by : Fiya Muiz


I swear I'm mad.
I have wrote almost full of a page on this blog and suddenly the shit mozilla firefox forced me to ended something. I WAS JUST SAVING ALEX TURNER PHOTOS! was that sins?
Probably They don't like seeing me writing about two bloody british I envy.
Mrs. Chung got the style and look, she owns guys attention and also girls for her hype sense of fashion,
I gave her two hands up, being able to hang out with bunch of wicked sharp monkeys, like Jamie, Nick and Matt was my dream. Got backstage pass through arctic's concerts plus involving behind am's epic album AND the most important is would be or must be inspiration for an-angel-in-disguise-as-a-man-I-consider, the royal highness Alex Turner, to make a song that will be ended up in TOP CHART UK.
what a life.
I wont write too much like I did before sometimes I'm done dealing with shitness.
Aye, So long.

"Hello, Alex? Where are you? Oh, there is this girl named Fiya, she wrote something about us on her blog, you and your band should come to her country, Indonesia, and don't forget to give her backstage pass. What? you're with her?" said Alexa on the phone.

Fiya took Alex's phone "SCREW HER!"

P.S: Picture on right top, it might caused melt-down disease, hold your mouth. That man with guitar need to be arrested for stolen millions of girls (and might lads) hearts. cheers.
A piece by : Fiya Muiz

Lovers love, liars lie

Take photographs, Take all your never fears.
We've got some packing to do, We've got some packing to do.
And my jaw aches, Repetation.

Take all your dreams, Take all that's left to see
Write it down, sign your name, go ahead and leave
There's nothing left to loose.

The clouds rip through the sky like dynamite
to my surprise it was a beautiful sight
With our hands open wide
And I can't hide the truth as well as you

Singing woah, Singing woah.

Take photographs, Take all your never fears.
We've got some packing to do, We've got some packing to do.
And my jaw aches, Repetation.

Take all your dreams, Take all that's left to see
Write it down, sign your name, go ahead and leave
There's nothing left to loose.

I've got all of these dreams
That no one cares to know about
Cares to dream about with me.

All these memories haunting me, Seeking control.

A piece by : Fiya Muiz

people see what they can see

so if you're trying to make something clear, try to put something visible,
not everyone has the ability to discover something hidden,
and when you're shocked because someone knew, don't be, you must realized earlier that you might had put it too obvious.
I dont have any special reason to say this, I just had small observation around me.

it's nearly 11pm! where is he? does heaven keep him a little bit longer to greet me and feel the breeze?

I'm waiting.
A piece by : Fiya Muiz

Teach me how I should forget to think

What's on your mind? I oftenly seen this question on a sites that very hyped nowadays, what's on my mind changes as seconds grow to minutes, some stay, some flies.
I got disturb to which one I should write, not every mind have to be shared.
I reckon to match a blog earlier hours but when I got here i forgot.

Romeo + Juliet was best written script movie I ever watched I guess.
Every chain of words tear my thought off.
I had Listening exam today, it went pretty smooth,
what do you called sentences ended with question mark? Oh yes, a questions.
I have one favorite printed on it,
two man names joined together creating one holy memories of mine.
I need to concentrate my eyes to Romeo, what a waste letting Leonardo's face went away with thee rhymes, what a remedies

Now old desire doth in his death-bed lie,
And young affection gapes to be his heir;
That fair for which love groan'd for and would die,
With tender Juliet match'd, is now not fair.
Now Romeo is beloved and loves again,
Alike betwitched by the charm of looks,
But to his foe supposed he must complain,
And she steal love's sweet bait from fearful hooks:
Being held a foe, he may not have access
To breathe such vows as lovers use to swear;
And she as much in love, her means much less
To meet her new-beloved any where:
But passion lends them power, time means, to meet
Tempering extremities with extreme sweet.

I'll be write again late at night, when my strength has restore from someone that might be sleeping, and fresh conversation filled the sky. ofcourse rise a smile, see ya!
A piece by : Fiya Muiz

goes to Allen

I wake up pretty early, thinking bout a cup of tea, but my hands were too lazy to get off from this pc.
kitchen did not offer me no-boundaries-connection just like this friggin web gave me.
This chair was glued to me,
so this morning I dedicate to dearest, Kris Allen, HE'S THE CHAMPION EVERYONE!
new American idol 2009 :D
A piece by : Fiya Muiz


geeeee, I was wrong
A piece by : Fiya Muiz

The best is yet to come

The fact that I will ended up writing about anything I had in mind,
Called no special, He, that made to this subject had discover half of me,
He greeted me,
I replied, I toughly see hope, I found someone,
I could've dedicate all day long for him,
That was not sacrifice, That was just symbol of hope,
people say don't hope for anything if you're not ready to be disapointed,
I've warned myself,
I've told myself,
but there are one thing I couldn't describe,
feeling inside that wanted to go out and spread their wings
with light abandoned it
when they were up high, rain made them fall down.
I'm scared, when I found out on his news feed,
I couldn't taste anything in my throat,
I could soar like angry lion,
but deep down I knew I've warned my self not to fall yet,
because I barely know his school,
Oh god, should I scream one more time,
I suck at lie.
he came, like hope just poke me.
I haven't seen from his types to me yet,
Should I look for it? been here all day.. might be different topic I need to scratch
I couldn't blame him at all,
so, shall I say Good Bye and wait for him no more?

9.12 p.m
A piece by : Fiya Muiz

Secret Crush

I got a lot to say to you
Yeah, I got a lot to say
I noticed your eyes are always glued to me
Keeping them here
And it makes no sense at all

They taped over your mouth
Scribbled out the truth with their lies
You little spies
They taped over your mouth
Scribbled out the truth with their lies
You little spies

Nothing compares to a quiet evening alone
Just the one, two I was just counting on
That never happens
I guess I'm dreaming again
Let's be more than this

If you want to play it like a game
Well, come on, come on, let's play
Cause I'd rather waste my life pretending
Than have to forget you for one whole minute

paramore is my role model
A piece by : Fiya Muiz

gee, I missed this feeling

with riza!
with onay and rara

with andraaaa!

This is my scratch when I was bored

forced to eradicate this indestructible feeling.
"I should do the other thing" my voice symbolized equivocate.
doing something that actually a lark, daily words run out,
so what language should we use to communicate?
never ready for horrendous news

I told you there will be more pictures!
Oh, someone has not on the line yet,
I need something to filled me busy.
where where,
but it almost midnight, I shall greet my pillow,
A piece by : Fiya Muiz

keep your eye on the horizon

For the first time I could fill in the title first. Those words linger in my head since yesterday.
William Turner inspired me.
I have good news, I am still alive, I just had math paper 4 exam, and it rip my brain off.
I'm not so sure what I did before, guess I done it under my consciousness.
one or two questions remain empty, while the others I did it with all my heart.

At the moment when I stuck no where, I heard my heart beat, the room was so silent.
My time is up for drawing those black printed pages, I can't barely say a word, I felt I just done my College summary or sumthing.
Believe me it's not that hard, it's just taste weird.

Math is oddly fun anyway, only the early questions, I got all my nerves on it.
I will not considering my future hang on math, I want something social.
Tomorrow I'll have Biology, I have not held the book yet, I can't even think where it was before I wrote a post here.

I loooove sunset!
Hey this picture between me and Oli, he was in U.K when we took this pic.
We got lost contact for 2 months, he was super busy.
well well well. I'm done here!
au revior

don't forget to check out this! it's fashion goods:D
A piece by : Fiya Muiz

Math Can't Get Me Sick Enough

I ain't no pirate material
they have to deal with sea, including the unfaithfulness to each other,
what in the world I am talking about them.
Does pirate still sailing out there?
for Jack and Elizabeth, There were something about them two, I just watched Pirates of the Caribbean again, well for accompany me with my math
How romantic isn't it spending Sunday evening together just me and math, oh don't forget, my calculator.
I recorded a new record, this morning was one of the earliest time I woke up (on weekend)
around seven thirty, and I just greeted my pillow around 2 a.m, I was on message with my friend at that time, I was sleepy, but something inside me has the other thought, even though at the end I fell asleep.
and one more thing that I love about today that, I made in to lookbook!
for this one, I need to say thanks to Luthfi!

I have not do any serious thing for that, probably later on, I'll arrange it somehow.
rather than I think about math and while I was on the probation, just admire this unexplainable such an angel expression. <3dougie

A piece by : Fiya Muiz

Saturday, May 16th 2009 :)


This is the right time for writing,

So hello everyone, just want to informed you that I had blast Saturday night.

I could not tell how it begins but it’s enough to tell you that I had extremely fun.

Tutorial still on the radar this morning, don’t forget, I still going to face IGCSE exams on Monday.

(believe it or not, I do study while I was waiting for the gig started)


I wont forget to study reproduction and err.. what's the other one called?

Alright move on, I was never unsettled since I woke up, on mid day I know the best part of weekend that I missed has not come yet,

My hands all sweated (not really but it could present it somehow) I had all the symptoms of something called unsettled.

I can’t sit well, or anything. If you’re wondering why, I don’t have the answer too.

I don’t have an idea.. or probably I have but not fit for public lol

As days getting darker, I knew it will be awesome

I could not mention every name that I met today, since there were a lot yes.

I planned for commented every people I greet today on twitter but it doesn’t work at all.

That’s just for neutralized my high temper last morning.

Yes, let me continue, we had surprise cake for our dearest Adi ehehehe I do not know does he still visited blogger or not.

It was small but sweet so one more time, Happy Birthday Fadli!


Next up, GIG!

The Event I missed the most. Tonight showed that nothing could prevent me from having fun with my life, my favorite thing of all in my entire life. Alright I’m getting too much here.

But who cares?

I did not care how sweaty mess I was, the show went gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood. I could scream with nobody could ever hear.

Have I told you that I love my friends so bad it hurts? If I haven’t so yes, I t

old you now.

I went home late, my dad was sort of angry, but I could not lie that I want to stay there as long as I could.

I have not met my lost friends for loooong time especially that came pretty late.

But I am so glad I met you you you yes you and you.

I wish I could mention every name of you.

Yes I took TONS of pictures.

So awards for tonight:

Most gombal guy ever: Nael and Rico; rawksbrotherrrs. They are really like expert on it Rico told me this: “I gave you my heart, take it” LIKE WTF and Nael “I’m going to wait you until you graduate” Gosh it proves that they are truly brothers.

hey ho, bro

Smelliest guy: Arieef! Nice anyway. He was busy organizing the show but still smell good all the time for girls, right rif?

he got rockers look, isnt he? but Coki disagree with me

Coolest mates: Ilham and Riza; they’re bloody awesome. I told them I loooove them so good. What kind of mate that sacrificing to came down town tebet from senayan? :D

I don't have any pictures with Ilham and Riza, only this oneee

Oh yes and congratulation for Arky that finally had seen The Ingredients LIVE! Since this past one year.

geng bambu runcing! lol

I would like to say sorry for my brother that I left at home alone; I hope everybody understands that I need this entertainment for real.

Time flies so fast, I could not believe that it’s nearly midnight, and sadly I have to finish for tonight.

This was marvelous weekend to be remembered before exams

God, thanks for tonight:D

more pictures coming up!!!!

A piece by : Fiya Muiz

against the wall

hey heylow, today English as Second Language, has accomplished, just like usual, I did my best, and the most cool part is the writting tasks, I like words, so yes, I wrote every words that came on mind.
I'm going to take it with fun way yeeehaaa
Today is friday, true, I am so excited about saturday because I will be back to my old habit, yes, going to a gig!
I'm superb excited.
I have not meet some of my friends for a long time.
so yes, thing that I'm looking forward to.
even though, there is one thing that stuck somewhere, I have Math on Monday, and I
DON'T HAVE ANY SPIRIT FOR STUDYING. not a moment, not at all oh I need 911,
does they capable to grow such as studying spirit on me?
I watched O.C season 1 instead. SETH COHEN is one of a kind i laaaik him.

gaaaah, what else I don't know.
I'm not in the mood for the Simpsons. I just saw them yesterday on TV which is so kewl. lol
guess I'll be running here later! byeeee honeys
A piece by : Fiya Muiz

Don't cry darling

today I had chemistry paper 6 exams, well the good news is.. I'm still alive now, but I'm not a frequent lyer after all, I'm going to tell you this exams are fun! I always did my best. so whenever the results come, that's my best! I hope it's good though.
on this exams period, I got more eager to write this blog, seems like I'm not going to hibernate from this world.

So, last night I had a dream, about him. my favorite subject of all, (currently) the one that made me considered love songs.
I have not meet him for enough long time, no talks or contact things.
there was hidden purpose beneath those.
well yes,
the dream was very sweet,
I could possibly felt how warm he hold my hand, and just us on the hallway

sometimes I wish it was true.
this near time, I need magic to make it happen.
OOOOOOH i got so many things to tell,
I went to Pasar Senen (secondhand market) earlier today after the exams, I bought Pink Rimple Skirt which very cute, only for 0.5cents hoooow cheap! but anyhow still my wallet is getting drier lol

I'm going to post the picture when I wear it soon, it need to be washed first.

another pictures from Alex's birthday bash

moi gals lol (from left: ninda, noy, el, me, zara, emil) P.S: Wardha is missing
ily them so much xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

with aninda fariza

wwowoowowow American Idol finale is coming up next week! fufufufufufu VOTE FOR CHRIS!
I'm not saying that Adam is bad but.. he seemed like too over rated. he got ummm, sarcasm face, which is a bit scary lol kidding
aight, I got to ended this up.
American idol is now showing, ttyl!
I'm going to talk about.... The simpsons next post.
A piece by : Fiya Muiz