The Past


At the first place I should be here, but too many distractions ahead. It's half past one a.m I am still care to be awake. The streets too, I can still hear the sounds of friction between car's tires and the road from my porch. they'll never stop making noises, loudest or even a whisper.

Hey I am still here, it's 3 am.
My phone kind of stay in the silent, was not what I expected though. but, the nights almost over, do you think I still care to wait? it's November. Uber excited. I Love you.

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I have no idea what would I say when someone asking me a question what would I be, Minnie Mouse or Daisy duck. So we might just skip the question instead. There is no reason by mentioning what I had mentioned above, I just want to show you what pointless means. Yes, I've been hanging around with pointless stuff recently. Yesterday I went out with Zara, the planned was we were supposed to meet 2 others friends of ours, but because one or more excuse, they could not come, but thank you Hanna, Theo and Andri were there. But okay, it was pointless, Three of them had to do something else, and then just left me with Zara.
I swear we did not know what to do, so guess what, we ended up travels on a joy, to different restaurants
Cold Stone ice cream, Es Teler 77, and last the muffin house.
We annoyed people by taking pointless pictures with endless blitz.
Yes, we are annoying when we got Camera on our hand.
See? it's plainly pointless. Shockingly was it may sound, I had fun!
Photos and the talks were fabulous.
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A piece by : Fiya Muiz

Seasons Are Changing

Hello, heart ache, I am coming back to this inglourious lonely blog, because finally I have something to type.
Please do not hate my fingers for being lazy these past weeks, my life was doing good but nothing necessary to tell. Since I was back to routines after last holiday, Things just cycling around school, home and few lunch-movies.

There are three movies I recommended crowds to watch

1. Inglorious Bastards
2. White Out
3. The Ugly Truth

Inglorious Bastards Pictures, Images and Photos

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The Ugly Truth Pictures, Images and Photos

The latest one I watched was The Inglorious Bastards, when I got out the cinema I had this thought "Now for 16 years of my life, it was quite hard to decide which one is my favorite movie." It could be 5 in number one, and 5 on number 2. KILL ALL THE NAZIS!
For White Out I gave 3 stars out of 6. It was a good movie, wrapped in a simple story.
and The Ugly truth was a perfect movie for all those romance-eyes-lovers, though they used quite rough and dirty words (obviously 17+ movie) it still a entertaining movie. I could not stop punching my friend beside me when I watched the movie, I always adore romantic movies, the way a guy confess their love to the woman they love. Maan, Hands up.

Then, I just had a field trip with my whole 2011 SMA N 8 peeps, it was helluva fun. Spend three days two nights there, and practically we were just having fun with chocolate toast bread. The Paddy field was dammit awesome, the breeze were cool, the sun was hot.
There was a time when I hate being back to routines, many people said, a reality. beside we were bored to death dealing with all the sucks in it, it's just... boring. So tasikmalaya was quite fun for a school days get away. believe me, I had fun what ever I did there. :)

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au revoir, lads. Good night, fire flies.

A piece by : Fiya Muiz

The Seeker.

Two songs has faded away, and not a sentence I could scratch here. My pocket running out of story, I do not have any story to be published. I just want to be here, I want to write words without a story.
I was avoiding to use "My" word, it sounded so selfish like you owned everything. And I don't really kind of a big fan for anything related it. Though I'm not a big fan for my self because on recent days I could felt... weird.
A time when,
you do not know what exactly you want, and it create this silent fear, could be the sign for a weakness down bellow. Rational and feel told the reverse way, denied but it makes even tangled and locked. Maybe something has to be done, but the limited faith got it all destroyed by a tiny distraction. Been mentioning long narration for a humid goals nor aim, but constantly coming back to failure, such as love.

I got mistaken hear the eggs to ex. Breeze to bridge. Maybe quite has not suit at all, it has passed quite. It is weird.
Please don't mind if I speak like an alien. I told you this was not a story.
This was everything and anything could frankly mourning thoughts in my mind.

The heaps being blessedly in town hadn't come back yet. Sky was dark even though it still count as a mid day, nearly afternoon. Rain often came not in the right moment, this weather just support me for being all fooled gloomy which I do not necessary need it. Third October was fine.

A piece by : Fiya Muiz

I'll Turn It Off

I'd buy a boat and a sack of food, then go sailing until my skin unrecognizable, until the wind stop taking me through out the ocean.
Alone with the sun and early morning bird.
looking for the nearest island when it gets rough, wait until it calm.
On my bare feet, I'd make a fire.
I'd burn the fish.
Drink coconut.
Smooth sand would be the sleeping pad.
...I am out of my mind.

I am quite an idiot for not moving by a slide nor a glimpse.

and he was pleaded guilty. for the ever I have wasted.
I stayed unnoticeable.

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A piece by : Fiya Muiz