The Past

I dont own this world

I turned the light on.
for another night, I failed.
I'd always wants to sleep early at 9. but why, things wont coordinate very well,
if you asked a question as brief as possible such ad "why you can't sleep?"
I probably do not own one to explain. what the hell did I just do?
My bed has not calling yet, even its very tempting to lie on.
read bed time book ---- eclipse.
writing all of these took my seconds made it to minutes, almost change to hours.
words are not always pouring down like rains, probably like gold digger looking for the right gold with amusement amount. is this count as redundant phrase?
last afternoon, I did not have a cup of tea, I'm too young to be old. besides, I had my native teacher time, the subject I love the most in my entire education life, I guess.
as I'm well-mannered person, I would like to share... my.. um.. knowledge that I got today,

Oxymorons: 2 or more words with opposite meaning used together.
e.g = -Do you want to go to the mall or cinemas? it's just same difference for me; {you see, same and different is opposite meaning but in one sentence}
-Would you make it more simple? I was clearly confused now. ; {clearly means you can see it clear, and confused is that you dont get what's going on, but both in the same sentence, right?}

there you go.
I got interested since the first time Andrew, my native teacher, mention Oxymorons.
it sounds.. idiotic clause and tickles you.
was those some kind of gang with morons?
I felt like I had more intense feeling with these matters.
suddenly I lost my appetite to sleep.. being at the carnival wasn't so good as being at home.
seems I found my new obsession, beside being a vampire, oh yes, writing.
spending my times with my laptop with my headset on, shockingly enough, more fun than hanging out in public places with crowded obviously crowd. for now.
half of my life, read; school, has been stolen my attention quite much. makes me misses home, and rest.
if just for my own good, I should close my eyes, and go straight dreaming, get beauty sleep.
am I normal, putting my needed second? but that doesnt sounds right.
oh, I adore Ryan Ross talent writing the lyrics for panic at the disco.
it caught my ear.

I don’t love you I'm just passing the time//You could love me if I knew how to lie//But who could love me?//I am out of my mind//Throwing a line out to sea//To see if I can catch a dream

that would be the.. closing of my blog tonight, and I am pretty sure, I'll write many.
A piece by : Fiya Muiz

decent scents.

Did Romeo fall in love with Juliet in the first sight?
How would it be if Romeo was late 10 seconds? so he'll be right in time just when Juliet awake?
and both of those souls shall be alive.. and continuing their journey, each to be savored.
I wonder...
What such a pleasant full of romance indulging with love has ever inspire William Shakespeare to made this?
Maybe because I just finished reading new moon, that I have wasted my thoughts on Romeo and Juliet.
Yet I was very curious to rewind how the story ever told.

arranging these jumble words in mind, translate in sentences quite hard to put, keeping up the phrases for standing still.
Lullaby will be the decent touch of tonight.
these trantums emotions was so hard to cut. soft sound melody will make less-eager the emotion at least as long the melody still humming.
Hide and seek would be interesting activities for children, requiring as an adult, playing face the truth would be a forcing-game.
I believe I'm on my days, recruit things to be make sense.
I missed some target, I was planning to go off to bed early, but yet my head would not rely,
I have to write this blog on my laptop, not on my pc. I just don't get the feel.
probably while I was tired keeping on my track paying attention to the white board in front of the class, writing this blog was my aim of the day,
I really enjoy set ups words, even though I am not that professional as anyone far.
oh, ten past ten. J. for.. Jacob? Josh? John? kidding.
sorry owl, stars and moon, I have my attendance list tomorrow waiting up,
thousands words to spill, another mumbling session, and hundreds new taste coming up,
was those better than for other people who has nothing to do with their day?
finger crossed.
I have no options, don't want in mind.
probably I'm gonna spend my weekend on writing at home.
its getting more dull for spending money outside.
Sun is sleeping, taking shift off, shall do me! working again as the clouds turns to blue!
A piece by : Fiya Muiz

Check yes, Romeo.

My temper was out of control, just like a new born werewolf. From the name of Cathedral chapel, I dislike this situation. Ay Me, dealing with this O life, O love.
Cringing every seconds that has past, grinning teeth, tell me why it took decades for entering another world of cyber that needed to fulfill the emptiness of room which suffers me the most.
My eyes gazed on other thing, perfection tales written with ink called Eclipse book. Put hold from my warm sweet milk as the closing due of the day.
As my fingers keep busy pushing these toots of alphabet, gathered the words, my mind is restless, thoughts keep swimming and almost drowned.
Decoding puzzles that I wrecked by myself.
Abandoned the duty that missed a call
Oh, the light must have be dimmed, but I’m still lingers here.
When this writing has gotten too deep, I can not strain myself.
I have to pick up nice words, because I am well-mannered.
I should ended this up, wait, I haven’t seen the moon through my window,
Maybe I could call it in my dream, as the sun already rest,
Can I have mine?
O goody, O lord.
Climates change,
I shall see you soon.

A piece by : Fiya Muiz

"How To Be" by Oliver Irving

Tonight I’m going to pay up what I’ve been neglected these days.

“How to Be” is got in to categories Indie Movie, directed by Oliver Irving, starred by Robert Pattinson.
Originally from United Kingdom,
Here I’m going to make my own Resume, and I’ll put the synopsis, a bit.
This story is very common in these days, probably the condition that happens among us.
Art, yet undiscovered talented road musician on his time where he was desperately confused about his life.
Broken up with his girlfriend, conflict with his parents, and calling psychiatrist for helping mend his scattered life, all in one wrap with humorous yet entertaining to the viewers.
From my point of view, the director has known about how British musician dealing with local gig and the writer-songs block which is wicked.
From this movie also has it message that pretty essential with life, message that everyone probably needed.
Last advice, go on buy the original dvd coming soon.
I’ll put the newest news
Or keep your fingers crossed for “How to Be” playing in cinemas near you!

A piece by : Fiya Muiz

does subject means a lot?

oh wow, I am so sorry, I have been abandoned this blog for a while, I'm just been, uh.. well, busy.
oh, I had insange moment today, with my mates at school, we had this dance stuff that we made while we were studying chemistry. it's just a warn for everybody, that chemistry is really really insange.
my classmate were awesome, they're the best!
and, the weather is very unpredictable, I had my school moved for a while to some building because my real school was flooded. it's over now, but guess what, I sit just next to my porch and its burning like flame.
the sun is too bright and extremely HOT as we said.
I need some peaceful wind, which makes the trees dancing melodically.
and Edward Cullen is totally addictive, like my own personal brand of chocolate. perfect sweet, nice scent, awesome shape and.. (speechless)

I kept talking about those in class. can not missed a day.
It gets me with severe emotions.
so so so so, I have to get back in my room,
this goes my blog,
you know you love me
A piece by : Fiya Muiz

the night night drunk

Oh gosh, I am so sorry, I forgot to post a blog yesterday, because truth to be told,
yesterday was intense day lol
I had overload saturday night, I met my friends that I haven't meet them for enough long.
until almost midnight, I hade fun.
and plus, there was something I should think about, hehe.
I promise I want to talk about How To Be movie, but yet I dont have time.
I also say to my mom to do something else, so, I can't write too much crap here.
So, yeah, full story, coming soon.
and I want to say hi to someone, Hey-A! :P
A piece by : Fiya Muiz


I had extra fun today because few of my mates, came to my apartment, which is very cool.
wayda, eleny, and zara.
for me and zara, we went to ambasador. I was looking for nice dress.
I found one.
hey, I'm sleepy.
there is also one thing I want the world to know, Indie movies are not bad at all.
you should buy "How to be" dvd.
will come out this april hopefully.
I will talk about this MORE, soon.
A piece by : Fiya Muiz

chosen one.

what I've been feeling recently,
I have trouble making choices. I need time,
and it not short
I have to consider this one, and that one
then, I'm not sure, I doubt things.
well, at the end, I did make a choice.
Oh, so life.
A piece by : Fiya Muiz

it doesn't ring a bell

there are few things that you couldn't even expected suddenly happen in front of your eyes. people keeps secrets. secrets as in keep it only for your ears. or your eyes.
complicated is not a nice word. stay away from it, while you can.
cause when you're stuck inside a circle circumstances, you don't know where is the exit, you don't know where is the end of the circle, was there any angle inside of it?
Drama will not be somewhere, it could be right next to you.
I can not decide, that I was right or wrong, am I the right person to get the blame,
I dont know yet how will the ending would be,
when you're not sure what's going on and how is your feeling for the sake of honesty,
arguing things would be so useless, when you're head still hot, egoism.
well too much thinking is not good as well
now you'll see how complicated this case was.
should you care about the others and ignore yourself, or just do it the other way?
oh honey bee, hm. (take a deep breath)
I love you.
A piece by : Fiya Muiz

heyho, byeho.

lets talk about rain, Jakarta now seems like Forks,
it's only about wet wet and wet
probably I met someone on the streets and asking
"So, are you enjoining the rain?"
"you asking me about the weather?" I replied.
well, kidding.
almost every day, heavy rain come visited this town. it stopped.
but then, another harsh-rain.
rain doesn't really fits on me.
I can not complain anyway, I can't stop rain.
and I got the advantage anyway,
today I did not go to school because of the flood. yeah my school trapped in flood. err, how can I say it?
well you caught that uh.
I prefer sunny day, but not too hot.
and windy.
those was perfect for spending days in beach.
but I had trauma with beach.
Oh, it's getting late.
I'll see you soon?
A piece by : Fiya Muiz

loud and clear

like i said i dont want to missed a day without writing even only 4 sentences.
I went to school.
today I stay at my grandparents.
I want holiday.

A piece by : Fiya Muiz

I can't believe magazine was right.

first of all,
yeay yeay yeay

hm, today today today,
I can't write too long now, because its already monday technically, 12. 18 am,
I haven't sleep yet.
I dont know why,
I was opened facebook,
had conversation with my mate, a couple minutes ago, but he's off now.
no one wake up except him, but.. he's probably sleep now hehe
and now... I'm with my laptop, and phone, and you, errr
I still can not sleep anyway,
my schedule for tomorrow, or later today

now I see I have to go to sleep.
I am not actually
I'm just offline
then... wondering stuff
then I go to sleep
I dreamt Rob last night. classical dream. hm
define classical...........
oh, I bought contactlenses.
and, bye.
A piece by : Fiya Muiz

2 things.

I want to sleep early tonight, but, I dont want missed a day without writing this pointless blog hehe I want to tell 2 things now,


I might be weird or whatever, but I'm in love with a shoes.
I wanted this shoes since.. early November last year. I dunno, this shoes has it own awesomeness yet very nice.
it's ankle boots.
there are few kinds of it. I found some, last year, but I think its not fit for me.
then... god giving me answer (HAHAH), I finally found the real ankle boots that I wanted.
Mango. sale. Singapore.
it cost pretty expensive.
who cares? I love ittttttt.

I cant find the exactly same shoes, but it's pretty similar with this one.


this person I found randomly from myspace,
I'm in love since the first song.

go on take a look
and listen
he's awesome. 100% guarantee.

yeah that's all,
oyeah, today was a tiring saturdaynight but fun
gi - pi - ex - pi- gi niceeeee.,
with zihan icha dira zara angga adi raja
cheers-o mates
one more one more,
I want to thanks my mommy for picking me up :)
A piece by : Fiya Muiz

my lovely 6 dwarfs.

I'm tired when people said that my blog is only about twilight,
well, basicaly twilight has taking over my scenery recently.
now I want to talk about my classmates, my insange classmates
heres my 6 dwarfs, hehe kidding, heres 6 of my greatfriends. sorry if I did not put you here,
maybe someday. no offence here.

1. Nisna 'noy'
she's very explainable,
her kost-an is our favorite place to hang out after school
our bond getting good-er when we were stuck hypnotic by this unfamiliar creature, something that drinks blood. oh yes, vampire.
we both freakingly freak about twilight.
she's famous with... staring-on-empty-sight 'bengong' ability.

2. Ninday 'Ndoy'

she's famous with her funky orange eye glasses,
shoe-less, untidy, baggy clothes, and the best part, SHE NEVER GO TO DENTIST FOR TAKING CARE OF HER BRACES. oh my,
but she's good in math, and always fill our class with laughs.
3. Emil 'emiliolelegorengdumbo' 'lel' 'legor'
she's weird enough to be one of my good friends hehehe kidding.
she has many personality, well thats what she says "that wasnt me, that was another me" hm
well she's responsible with what she did. usually she always remind us what we will do, and she owns depok HAHA

4. wardha 'way' wayong' 'wanita muslimah' 'bebek kloset'

she's tough. she has so many siblings. she is very proud of her ex-school which is her junior high, we all don't know why. she's fun. she likes to insult ndoy for sure, well just for laugh. hehe.
she's straight up girl. she's mean, but not much as I do. lol
5 & 6 our chinese duo, Eleny 'el' 'cina gila' & Zara 'cina biadab'
they are chinese. well we thought so, and I believe that you will think like what I'm thinking.
Eleny is a brave one, she's wise enough to tell about your sorrowness. and love-life problem.
Zara mostly spending time with his boyfriend. she's fine but at certain point she has her most stupid mind. but we're cool with it.
we all do.
so that goes my 6classmates. theres actually others but... I choose my top 6
we're all in this together hehehehehehehehehehhehehehehehehehehehehe
I'll be back with other awesome blog, ta-ta for now!
A piece by : Fiya Muiz

I used trebuchet font

hey, hey, hey, hey, hi!!!
-Feel sorry for Israel, just wishing the freaking war will end tomorrow.
-Favorite Place to hang-out after school: Noy's kost-an hihi
since those words were in my head, I wanted to put it in my pointless blog, which is here.
Today is Thursday, getting closer to weekend means awesome.
I like weekend with no reason. well. no school obviously.
but believe it or not, everything's going very very intense. my school precisely,
I'm pretty sorry for my brain, I believe it NEED oxygen more than my lungs.
but hey, I know I can! :D
and about the other things..., I cant say it out loud here. I don't know why. just.. can't.
'I don't know' maybe will be my most-use-sentences in this blog.
If I could ask someone, what's up with me, they'll say "you know yourself, better than anyone"
so, it seems like just keep it in your mind.
but, if you can guess or what, will you tell me something?
I was just wondering.............. only wondering.
i love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
screw Cullen

A piece by : Fiya Muiz

January Or Die

first day on school, I cant write too much comment, neither theres nothing cool happens or theres just too much to write, based on I-prefer-holiday-than-school,-like-hello?
today, on ESL subject, my teacher told us to write something about 'if I could change something in my last holiday...'
for not making too kindergarten. you know, we usually asked to write 'My Holiday'
for a moment, I kept thinking, what would I change... what.. what.. I NEVER (I must make this bold and italic) hate holiday in my entire 16 years old life.
so, I am enjoying every second of it, in every way. well, because I have to do that as in it was a task from teacher, so, yeah. would you like to know what I end made the story to?
like stephanie-meyer-wannabe, I invent, AWAKE;
"I'm not in Egypt if I don't go to The famous Pyramid. from the first step, I was fascinated, but suddenly there was quick and small earth quake happened, in the matter of second, I saw The ..........., "
To be continue,
I'm afraid that I had some inspiration later on and who knows I would make something good from that
gosh, I'm so..................... weird. am I?
I guess its because the rain. wait, there is no rain, I'm not living in Forks.
I know, its because the.. uh... I cant find the right word! dammit
I promise to myself, after writing this hideous blog, I would continue to do something that might useful for my future, I hate to pronounce it anyway, so, I'll see you all soon!


A piece by : Fiya Muiz

sometimes I wish superman was true part. 1

what i'm about to write its... probably will not have any connection with the, uh, title. hehe

it just pop-out from my head on the plane, on my way home to Jakarta.

Yesterday, well, 2 days ago I mean, was the first time, like I saw Thunder closer than any other. it was night flight, and I seated nearest to the window, usually my cousins wants to sit nearest to the window but, as the matter of logicaly thinking, what would you see except plane's wing and... black view?

but guess what, the seatbelt sign was turned on, I thought its about to landing, but they said it was the... uh.... weather was not so good. when I looked outside, there was like flashing light. odd-ly enough, that was so cool. you can see between the coulds and the sky, while it was actually black. hm.

I should starts from the beginning but, I've told you the end of my end-year trip hehehe

okay, last December 26th until January 2nd, I went to Singapore, with my family (grandparents, uncle&aunty, and cousin) IT WAS SO FUN FUN and FUN

I like being a tourist, when you have to dealing with local culture, using english language, and when you're talking with your daily-language and no one understand, eventhough sometimes you're kind a lazy doing that anyway.., I dig adventures! lol

I go shopping, eating, walking, screaming, mumbling, sleepy-ing, etc.

while I was there, I always slept above 12 am, I guess....... I watched greys anatomy, shrek 2, desprate houswives, peterpan. yeah tv shows keeping me awake, and by the next day, after lunch I might be fell asleep beside my food. heheh

I can't write what I'm precisely doing there

1. I shopped at BUGIS streets for heaven's sake, I went broke after visited that place lol

2. Orchard, I found what I've been looking for these past months, sweety-expensive(damn)-ankleboots!!!!!!!!!!!!

3. SHAW mall, I watched Twilight for the 5th time, how cute is that? lol

4. Mustafa Center, the one and only shopping area that open for 24hours, I bought most all of the gifts here. hehe

5. went on the sight seeing double decker bus! it called, hipotour, go all the way around singapore. wait, I have few photos,

could be my new motto: Be Hip, Go Topless!

the second deck was open, that's why it called topless, I guess. hehe

and this was my fav,

old building while sir stamford raffles still there ;taken by: Me!

6. National Museum was cool

7. where I spent my New Years Eve, had dinner at Clarke Quay, a lot bules there, which is I love the most. but then for seeing the fireworks more beautiful-ly, we all decided to go to Merlion, but guess what its very extremly crowded. soooo, we found park, between Merlion and Fullerton Hotel, we sit over there and let time flows until 2009.
probably thats it,
so, back at Jakarta, living my daily life
makes me wants to go back, holiday... and travels. hmmmm
A piece by : Fiya Muiz


I'm in love with twilight.
A piece by : Fiya Muiz