The Past

108 Farenheit

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(exaggeration allowed)
It seems like yesterday I just watched twilight, and starting to have my precious guilty pleasure by seeing those unrealistic vampires. And secretly obsessed to be one of them in every tease. But it wasn't a secret anymore because I was clearly putting here, litteraly.
Honestly, I was not kind of the big fans of Robert Pattinson. I'd be more to Edward Cullen fans. which someway they ARE related. That was not the point, I just do not want people gets me wrong, when Twilight getting overrated, honestly I'm getting sick of it. But back again to my statement about Edward, he's such a guilty pleasure. His jawbones and his eyebrows were pulled you inside deeper, way deeper in to his appeals.
I miss the vampires.
I kept wondering why make this such a good movie? Why I like them? Why would I watch until seven times? Why and Why.
Was that because nothing near reality? Or the biceps that Jacob has? Or How Edward has his special charm everytime he appears?
Those movie scenes and line were never leaving my head, it's just make me wanted more and more.
I'll tell you what, I was quite disappointed actually.. One scene I was DESPERATELY to watched was..... kissing scene Bella with Jacob. Okay, he touched her lips, but IT WASNT A KISSING SCENE PEOPLE. and THE WAY EDWARD PURPOSED, I MEAN WHAT THE HELL? it was sweet, hell sweet but it SHOULD BE EVEN SWEETER. got what I mean?
I could not keep my eyes off the screen, even a glimpse. Not even to grab any pop corn. The enthusiams was over the top.
It's good enough to attract me to see the movie again, again, again, again, again, again, and again.
Wanna come?
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What's so special?

“Things that I doubted when I’m with you”

The simple sentence could give the pain even harder than knife could hurt you. I watched a movie, called 500 days of summer. The movie taught me few things about reality that bite. Though it did not spreading any venom to your body, but it makes your heart accelerate and pumped your tears to flooding your smooth cheek.
The narrator did remind me since the beginning that it was not a love story.
I never believe in that. Movie just made for making the viewers burst in to various kinds of emotion. And the most make sense reason out of thousands of others, it is about love.
Love, love, love.
500 days of summer served the best food ever, just like burger king with it whooper junior. It consists of envious scenes of two undefined love birds, until it came to an end. The setting of the scenes was mixed up, between past and present. Stay focused or you might miss something, although you would not dare to leave the screen.
I love the ending for heaven’s sake,
It proved that not every Hollywood movie will end up happily ever after.
They lied. They made us forget what is on the reality.
And that also why I ran to my room and threw my self on the bed, started to sobbing quite hard.
It’s just… I was kind of expecting everything so romantically heaven, and I forgot, I oftenly forgot about the reality and I keep pushing my self over the limit of reality.
I forced things to happen in a way that sometimes hardly to be.
Wish I watched this movie earlier.
And here, I learned things already planned neatly from god. The way how you met your couple and it was not coincidence. But many times, you got it wrong and… just haven’t realized it was there all the time.
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I am seventeen years old now. This also means, this blog already one year old long. sufficiently hearing my non sense sentences, pointless paragraphs and all the sweet/bitter facts. There was a day I was sinking by expectation, but then I learned not to.
To be honest I still could not believe that I am seventeen.
It was quite a big deal.
I have my own license.

Have a good day, folks.
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Pardon for The Exaggeration.

What just happened, it showed the early step for stating something serious, something related with heart and a feeling. To determine everything, it needs time to absorb through the root then to the top of the plants. I have been eaten all the words that had been mentioned, the sweets and bitter facts singing along to my ears, goes straight down to the heart.

First, I keep my self a barrier to prevent any harm. But that only works on the first week of introduction. On the starting line, until there was a glimpse balloon of hope, asking to be held as the grip. Helplessly seeing he was there
It grew slowly but exactly sure, butterflies starting to fill head and also stomach. The strength was not that strong, it was steady. The presence was existed, it was there, trying so hard to ignore, to avoid, but days getting brighter and connected the dots.

At first, it was beautiful like the sun entering the day, but within one or thousands of reasons, it was ended no where, leaving one pounded heart with unaccepted feeling.
Lips were sealed to pursue the objection, considering letting go before anything gets deeper.
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Say Hello

Working my play on words was not easy, I had few failed attempt for creating of one pointless post. Somehow my wants to have something perfect quite impossible, and ended up nothing. I tried to learn from every selfishness in me, I'm on my way to reach the point of maturity. I'll be seventeen soon enough as clock never stop.
Seriously, I still remember when the first time I had my love at first sight, and how I hate my life when I was turning thirteen. And in two days I'll be seventeen, the number that has been most of the people favorite age.
I was extremely curious, what about seventeen. What's the specialty? What makes it different than any other number of ages? Questions were queing in a line, severals answered were collected but nothing sure.
What I see completely was the responsibility in your hand grew larger and harder. Controlling emotion was the difficult one, I oftenly got defeated by it. I feel shame. It only last like........ 3 minutes top. Then the peak of your fire-y emotion will cool down somehow.

Yep, I had a good night so I could make a pretty long paragraph. After had 11 hours sleep, I woke up morning and fresh. Even though I got late to school because my nerves haven't attached perfectly after the sleep, so I ran a bit slow, and voila. I was late.
then I did something that actually I realized the consequence but I still did that no matter how. I got ditched from Statistics class because I bought food, and late to get back in to the class - I missed breakfast earlier. Fine, my fault. but that was actually fun.
Another rain after school, but still okay. I had a good mood. Thank god for that. Usually rain just pushed you to be melancoly and sleepy. I'd rather go for a sunny day.

I was randomly told my dad that I can't wait for new moon, but it turned out that he asked me to go to the cinema and watch 2012. And another voila, I watched 2012.
It was insane. Good movie though. John Cussak looking sharp as old times.
Another good part of the night was I heard The Ingredients on the radio, it was super.
Kind of missed their voices.
Looking forward to catch up with them soon enough.

Tomorrow is Friday.

I suppose to be at school at 6.30 am. And that is why I was about to say Good night.
Good night, Baltimore kid:)
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half past one a.m & awake

sun almost bring up monday back and took my weekend away. if days could understand how lovely weekends trully are.
want to know something? I haven't done my task. I simply repel school. oh wait, I'm exaggerating things up.
It was not that bad, it's just... something obviously better and more fun compare with, uh, school.

I thought writing about a theory was a lot better than writes what happened in a day. I don't think anybody would care with someone else's day. and what's going on in it. not if you are a role model for someone.
see? I blabbered a lot.
Excuse me.

Saturday has finally arrived, I went on with the plans that had been schedule since two days before. It started with a plain routines. Sun could not be more hot, it was way hotter than Gerrard Butler's beard. More than Ryan Reynolds' abs. More than John Callaghar's jawbones. More than Sykes' hair. More than Barakat's eyebrows.
As day went late, there was a match that need to be seen. A baseball match. Outdoor field. But the best part of that day was Blues Festival.
There were four stage. Green, Red, Black and Blue.
My favorite was Blue stage. Er, wait, I forgot. It was Blue if I'm not mistaken.
Istora Senayan has confessed an awesome blues festivals.
A lot of foreigners, which made my guilty pleasure complete.
I enjoyed watch musician performed live.
I feel belong.
with all the guitars and bass. Loud drums. and A well done vocals. it was just epic.
Best performance goes to Endah n Rhesa. Damn, I could feel the heat. Romance heat. and it was painful. Believe me ;)
it ends one hour before midnight

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when I need light can you give me one?

when I need light can you give me one?

So I pulled up the curtain, Letting the limited light coming in, though it almost dusk. When my finger weren't here pushing the keyboard, My mind was screaming out loud to put my idea here. But when I re-thinking what was I thinking lately, I simply forgot. I don't know why. I ask my self what's on my mind. I forgot. Does that mean I.. did not think about anything? No, it can't be. I'm just running my self out of the track. Trying to.. do something else.
I kept playing the same song endlessly. No harm intended so, just my ears became subjective.
I just repel any drums, I just want to hear the guitar. and a voice. Singing one beautiful song dedicated for someone, dearest one. So I can hear the vocalist sing from his heart. That's the song I've been listening these past two days.
I am afraid to type something leads the thought to a clarity that public should not know, something about heart and a feeling. I know why sometimes people doesn't want to have a feeling. Yes, that would be the easiest complain for immature person. I was not judging anybody, to be honest though, sometimes I feel that quite strong. And I was no telling the crowd that I am mature. No, I'm still on my way.
I roughly waited for my cell phone to rang, any phone call from someone that I want.
I'll tell you what, you might be the one I want to call me or text me.
I was not trying to sound desperate, cause that's just sad.
I'm just waiting for the text I haven't received since a while ago. I feel I want to throw away my phone beyond reachable areas. I know I know, I just caught on the moment.
and I feel immature about that. Why should I wait?
Maybe if that was not meant to be, it must have a reason. Right?
Enough about the cell phone. I'm on my progress figuring things out. You know, how a day would be a perfect one without something perfect.
or changing something deeply ordinary to be a uber one.
Yes, what a point of view matter on this one. Yes, I'm being a joke.
I'll call it an afternoon.
I'm hungry.
I'll call your name soon.
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