The Past


I went to happy jack and meet couple of my friends, that was just practically killing time.
all I do was just sat and watched the guys with a guitar and sang loud songs on the afternoon with sun still on
no particular thing to tell.

then I went to megaplex and watched Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen. alright, the title is so breath taking, and so does the mouth saying.
but unfortunately it was not as good as I was expect.
the point is just about battle between car-in-disguise-that-actually-is-a-robot battle.
the screen effect was brilliant.
but I'm kind of more envious-close-to-reality-movie adorer.
plus I'm not kind of robot lover.
the actors are super unique, both Mikaela and Sam.

and by the way, having the first car can do all the shots thing, that's super, dude.

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sometimes I hate posting blog with Georgia font, it seems very vintage and old, although I know it needed sometime. Alright, the sun doing great now. summer heat still vibrating but extra wind calmed things. here it goes, barely nothing yet happened on my day, just another french toast, or regular name is toast bread, for breakfast. it was superb tasty :)
as the fact that I got nothing special to do, been on my routine, check facebook, twitter, msn yeah what a life. then suddenly I ended up reading someone's blog. well its Raditya Dika, he is sort of well known writer in town, he made a book based on his daily life blog, and pretty succeeded I guess.
for me, his blog is pretty entertaining, honestly. The first book was published like 3 years ago, and it already been filmed, and I havent got the chance to see it while it was on cinemas, so, I watch it now through youtube.
The story basicaly is comedy, self-pity, love, weird and yet entertaining.
The oddest part was, that I can feel the jealousy in me, seeing couples caring to each other gaaaaaaaaaaaaah even on comedy movie. and the fact that is sad. I mean..... sad.

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what's wrong being so small?

been missing from blog-ing for couple days, sorry, holiday probably taken me away from here. or sometimes I just got nothing to tell. or not nessecary to. or else.
Oh, its Saturday almost midnight, I had my ass back at home before nine. so good. anyway not really in the mood for late nights.
I've been running not so healthy life. I kept sleep above 12am and woke up around 11pm, sometimes I can't decide did I just have breakfast or lunch?
anyway today went fine, I started my Saturday so early, around 3:30pm I arrived at Senayan City, that was because Andra forced me to be honest. We were actually planning for watch Transformers 2, but it turned out that the line was already long as a snake, and Andra couldn't go back home too late, so yes. we caught up with Angga, Bismo, Faldi, and Iki at, suddenly my tounge was screaming for jcool. oh and I met Eleny, Zara (also with her ex) and Way, I missed them. they used to be my classmate, Oh Oh haven't I told you? I'm..., what thats in english, in grade 11 now, and there are two types of class, Humanity (social and stuff) and Science (with all the frog and crap; no offense) guess they choose Science, while I chose Humanity, I guess. I'm just done with chemisty, puh-lees.
okay continue, after satisfiying our tummy by eating meat slice teppanyaki we actually have no idea where we're going, but then we went to time zone.
That's when we all got mad mad twisted with all the games. Okay that's hyper actually.
yea but the coolest part that meandraikianggabismofaldi took all pictures on yea sort of huge photobox, we all could fit in. that was stupid but wicked, I have to scan the picture first then I'll show you. it was cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee me laik it :) but yes, Angga always mocked my height, I hate him sometimes. ah, what's wrong being so small?
that makes me hoping I'll grow taller 15cm fast fast fast! come on god:D
and honestly I am so sleepy, so off to bed mates!

this is Dougie I want to post at least one picture so this is it. I envy to the stich. whatever it called. I want to meet Dougie. that's just unfair
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believe it or.. not.

Yes, I'm doing this when I got bored.....

You belong with a bassist.

Whenever you see a band live, you probably feel a powerful connection with that one musician who's over to the side of the stage, not saying much. You'd never want the high-profile hassle of dating a singer or lead guitarist, so you'll be much happier with a calm, down-to-earth bassist. The stereotypical bassist is less attention crazed than his/her bandmates,
but he/she still knows how to rock out. Bassists like their music loud, but on a personal level, they tend to be kind of quiet and mellow. Bass players are proof that dating a rock star doesn't have to be about crowded after-parties? it can be about chilling out and listening to music together with headphones built for two.


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are you UK?

I knew my body is not going so good recently,I couldn't do so many things.
I visited rooftop this afternoon, it was so beautiful, mate! I've been thinking.......... okay, secret. nothing much to tell. not kind of a talker recently. summer... what am i going to do with my summer........

folks, I'm scared. I am so scared.
I'm afraid. I actually sort of need help. err. um.

anyhow, picturesssss while I had practice with my band, UK!
fun fun fun

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mamidaz studio

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"Hey, I'm Fia. and I play bass" *Dougie's accent*

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finally I went to cinema and watched Star Trek, the movie was epic.
don't worry ladies and germs, spongebob will entertain you!
my favorite quote at the end of the movie "sometimes you need to set aside of logic, just do what you feels right"
sweet dude.
I had fun with andra&arky,

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looking forward to filled up this holiday!
anyway, my brother is so annoying I mean really really very very annoying like a crap. hm
oh and suddenly tinypic is being ass, it did not work shoot. I would like to post more pictures but by the truth that it took centuries for uploading one, I shall ended this blog, getting bored here
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I'm not hercules

last night my head was so heavy and I could not see things right, I mean picture like you just saw blitz, yeah, that was kind of haunting me for minutes. I tried to closed my eyes but nothing necessary happened. when my visions getting better, I started to feel pain in my head, voices around me was disturbing. guess that is nausea.
it all happened slightly after my grand parent's 49th Anniversary.
my tummy was full. dinner was awesome. quite fun.
but all the heavy-head thing was not a good ending for that night, oh wait, the climax... when I got back home, and forced my self to sleep. but reality told me different thing........ I vomited. puke. yea mate, that was wicked, I felt huge relief after that.
I almost forgot how does vomits taste like.
that is why today doesn't feels like Sunday. I sort of lost my spirit. I'm good though. just like missing something.
My mom called me last morning and asking me how I'm doing.
I was not used to all the heavy-head thing, I'm not on my period also, my mom wondering why and speculate the reason from what happened last night.
She said maybe, maybe I have something in mind that bothering me.
I tried to remember what I was thinking... but I'm thinking a lot of things. I couldn't be sure which 'thinking' I should blame to. even now, I still thinking about many many things.
okay, I don't know bye
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When Broken Is Easily Fixed

try to listen My heroine by Silverstein

June darkness has me hating everyone

I'm making every occasions to be remembered


I'm jealous like hell
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unsaid things

I'm starting to biting my nails. again. I should have stopped. but, long story.
I sleep late, very late. and wake up nearly mid day. what an unhealthy life I'm on.
I'm not sure what I should write here, when I got the answer right in my pocket, just not post any blog then. easy. simple. but I want to write something, probably would end up being totally pointless.
I don't get what the concept means, are they trying to torture me?
my throat is burning like hell, I got too eager for screaming out loud
screaming for nothing,
nothing beside scenes that keep changing.
movie is such a bullshit.
oops sorry.

I got bored a lot.
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a love like lie

I can't stand being in a room without a sounds. somehow it torturing me,
I couldn't distract my mind if that so.
my mood is so unsettle.
I feel odd.
I got angry so easily, while actually nothing is bothering.
I'm gonna go, bye

more pictures from thousand island!
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Pier 15.

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scenery was worth captivated

got a crush with Nadilla's fisheye. but unfortunately it was taken. lol
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summer is here

I've been thinking what I would write here, but suddenly I saw mtv movie awards on tv in the right moment when Edward err I mean, Robert accepted their best kiss awards with K stew and it blew my mind, I forgot things. his face is too irresistible. I don't want him, for real. but he is such a perfect figure for assuming-life-is-not-fair or impossible-guy-to-cuddle-with. sort of guilty pleasure to be loved. he is too good to be true. too good. outlying good. waay good. beyond good. extremely good. above good.
everything about him will invites me in.
I adore him. period. I'm running out of explanation. because trust me, there is certain part of your life that too hard to describe, maybe Robert became one of it.

well I have not say my greetings, hello, I'm back from thousand island, Pramuka island to be exact.
pinch me how much I missed beach. all the sun, sea shore, fish, sands was incredibly fit on summer.
two days was not enough, but enough for school trip. those kind of beaches promenade did not really necessary needed schedule, just do whatever you want when you were in an island.
I did snorkeling, it was a sweet tense adventurous activity. I had sort of bad memories something related to sea, I'm still good though but wont swimming further away from my mentor.
being on open wide ocean was awesomely worth doing. I lay on the boat on my way back from snorkeling, healing after got cramp on my legs (and it was hurt so so so bad), looking to the sky, it was madly beautiful and not less peaceful.

the weather is very summer.
striking hot. it would be fine for the bules, but not for me. I got tanned which I'm not planning to.
took hundreds of picturesss.
one things for sure: I had gooooooooooooooooooood times.

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dear lord, I am so relief that my one month exams is done.
and in early tomorrow morning, I'll be on a boat, savoring a journey of my first year in high school!
I went to happy jack (after a long time not to) I had good timessssss
with eleny, noy, arif, coki, and many more.

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Let's have some fun this beat is sick!

I'll be outlandish for two days, see you later aligator!
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No, ofcourse not. We can't stay friends

I kept banging my head on reality, pain caught me well.
covetous delusion attacking my barrier, and it was too fragile to be invaded.
every cell in my body would like to scream out loud, louder than any sound could ever created, whoever who judge,
nothing near to blaming anybody,
just wondering.
I tried to blink once, nothings changed. twice, things keep motionless.
third, I humiliated my self.
What caused this impression for being too honest.
my heart was sobbing
this is a matter of time and understanding,
I should know things are better live. not fiction.
be lucky.

when do we have the rights to love freely?
movies is never play fair.
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From Solita the Stranger

Monday evening, 11:03 pm.
I am very sleepy, ask me why I have not lay my head on my pillow and close my eyes, welcoming dreams.
I do not know. facebook kept me busy. I tried name generators. I got fancy results. few epic names.
Fiya the shrieking, Princess of Eltano
never crossed my mind being a princess (laugh out loud)
Oh I faced biology exams earlier today, well that's hell of a crap. no need to discuss more. I hope my sentences quite clear to explain my comments. look something brighter, I'm going to end all of these emotional trials in a matter of... 3x24 hours. probably the only ending I can not wait for.
Mid June is nearly here, I'm not planning for swimming across pacific ocean or trespassing white house, I need remarkable vacation in year 2009, probably gigs every weekend. should be superb cool
I'm turning seventeen this year. how... enchanting.
I've watched P.S I Love You on the afternoon. it was very sweet. I cried and again, very sweet. I was on the border line between envy and hate those kind of movies, something made you jealous ended up crying. that was a bumper.
The views ever so sweet, Oh Ireland!
I adore Irish-slash-British-guy
I'm almost drowned.
I always believe someday.. we'll know.
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my ears begging to hear your voice, by holding phone that never rang from yours.
'Incoming call
_____ '

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play it in a cold way

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oh I forgot to say hello to JUNE! nearly ended my exams and having beach on next weekend! summer summer summer summer, my favorite season of all time!
I barely feel wind nowadays. the heat was over whelming, even at night like this I can't have my hair down, cause it's too hot.
oh well everything's going fine, I'm living my days. I have Biology exams tomorrow, I have not study yet, probably I will starts in an hour from now.
what I have been doing since morning was sleeping sleeping and another grocery shop, the trolley I used was very annoying though I don't give a *beep*.
sleeping is epic, you know why.
and and and tomorrow is hey hey ho Monday, in another words.. my last week, LAST WEEK OF TORTURING EXAMS.

anyhow, I would write things but I'm not so in the mood for telling story, so later on lads.

oh Robert. never can get enough of him, he's not a human, he's truly vampire for me.
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Another Smithsonians Battle

I was suck in bed yesterday, no matter how, I'm feeling very well tonight.
higher level of sensitivity because of pms, you know.. girl-y thing.
Jakarta's getting hotter. I dunno what's wrong.
Saturday went fine, watched another Smithsonian battle!
pictures tells better
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last night crowd - andra, iki, faldi, abu, angga
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"Hello mommy?" "No, you dial the wrong number. I'm daddy"
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you gave me the choke key

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no matter how I'm feeling, the sky will stay clear, the sun will rise and set.
Honestly, I do not know why I'm here. There is no point at all. Oh, wait, seems like I live in pointless park, where no horse allowed. This is my brain talking......
television turned to monotone, I wonder when they'll get bored.
Discovering Jakarta still linger on my mind, I'm enjoying taking public transport such as busway,
I'm gonna take you on a ride if you have a plan for visiting Jakarta.
I want pictures, loads of pictures. pictures. pictures.
I had difficulties at night to sleep, recently I slept above midnight hours, that is not healthy, but I have not figure out yet how to cope with it.
I'm fine.
Okay, he told me he stopped smoking, and what a beautiful lie.
but here is the case, tell me anything anyone could've been mentioned, but not one, so far,
could make me hate and with such disgrace stop adoring him.
wow those sounds very pity of me.
Don't go offline, I like seeing you online, telling me you're there. safe. even I'm not typing anything to you, keeping the distance for survival. this another un-healthy habit of mine.
last night stomach ache strikes me, I could not even stay in front of the pc.
and now my head spinning like whirl wind.
Nothing is up with today, I'm just glad everyday I walked out my class, finished every battle, and I'm still alive, and getting closer to summer (read: holiday).
summer.. beach, sunset, sleep all day, midnight-out and that is what I called life.
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I'm sick, and it doesn't feel good at all.
A piece by : Fiya Muiz


I'm counting starts from one, two and three, but I guess I'm missing numbers.
I mentioned Alphabets, A, B, and C, there when it ends. My day went well, I tried to diminish my presence on twitter, it got too much people now. I am fully awake right now, I shall not be afraid.
You know what?
settled your self somewhere you might comfort at, listen to your favorite songs, sing until your lungs give out, live the moment, tell you're self you'll be alright because you will.
A friend of mine told me, when you have fear, you're starting to wield scantily a responsibility. by mean it was good.
I feel fine, incredible, scared, pity, and in love. those were fine, right?
My day went fine, as the school ended pretty early, I went to Zara's crib, and we put
on superb clothes, then we discovered Grand Indonesia-Plaza Indonesia, we took pictures and ate sushi, I did want sushi since couple days ago, and I still couldn't get enough. I was amazed and aware why very...addicting. sort of pointless but still entertaining.
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mini california roll
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want sum beeeeeeer eh, mate?


a song by monkey to millionaire hypnotized my ears, those taste incredible, something spectacular beneath the note. School haven't steal my attention, and I'm scared about it. I could not text someone over there because I never had the courage to type, am I so pity?
and in love, when I sit tight on Jakarta Busway, I heard voice that reminds me to a memory, and I laughed at myself, oddly feels right. another step I took on the road, another memory passed over in mind. he became permanent tenant in my brain somehow.
Oh, Nael probably on the plane to India right now, gah, I guess he will miss another birthday party (again) of mine. I'm not going to see him on ingredients show, or at Happy Jack this time around... sad.
Just hoping he'll take care of himself well there.

A piece by : Fiya Muiz


I've been listening to Indonesian songs which is slightly improvement of me,
Tell me crap tell me rubbish tell me anything. it has been quite rare emotional week, I used to sing I used scream I used to ignore everything.

all the used thing has change, tears taste so good yesterday. I feel weird and not sure what exactly I'm feeling.
I wanna go somewhere they don't know, just me and my thoughts, I'm going to discover Jakarta like no one ever did. that's cliche, I'm not going anywhere without my mates. but deep down I need those alone time,
I feel weird. only weird person thinking to go somewhere alone.
I was not that kind of person, I know. that's why I said it's weird I have those sort of feeling.
I started to have fears.
I'm afraid.
I'm asking peculiar questions, sure about life, of course life.
I should know what should I do,
I have to.

I don't feel kind of a talker now, this what I have been doing since mid day (youtube-ing):
- trailer new moon
- replika video clip
- merah accoustic

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