It's So Nice to be Alive at the Same Time as You

You know how sometimes people wonder about living in some other centuries or decades, and I could not help but think I wouldn't want to live in other period of time, or any other parallel universe. Because what if, what if there is no you, or our paths don’t cross like it is now — out of the chances attending the same high school or college, or being at the same music festival out of so many other events, places to go, and bands to see. Or you would be in different form of you, be better or worse than you are right now — charmingly funny, sometimes quiet and moody, so mysterious I want to shake the gold off your body. Because does it matter? I love you now, and I don’t wish for another version of you, even though maybe I would still love the other kind of you anyway.

Inspired by this.


Klaudia said...
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Anonymous said...

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