These Songs Remind Me of You

Aren't we all just a hopeless romantic for songs that gets our hands dancing, tiptoeing across keyboard? Here are the two songs I recently stumbled upon, perhaps out of fate, just like you and I, and of course the algorithm-genius mind behind Spotify Discover playlist. I hope this will light up the bulb above your head for whatever it is worth.

I promise I will write you again soon amidst all the pandemonium.

♫ Movie in My Mind - Saint Raymond 

This song reminds me of: heartache. When you sit by the window on your journey back from an unexpected encounter with the Old Love. The trees seems like in a fast forward motion and the sky bleeds orange. Everything moves too fast, like his hands on hers, and life almost feels like it starts to slip off your hand.

Your the words on my tongue to my favourite song,
You're the first and the last oh when all's said and done,
You're the movie in my mind to which I know every line,
In all these things I do, all I see is you.

♫ Camp Adventure - Delta Sleep 

This song reminds me of: a movie reel about separation of young love. A sephia-toned film with burnt edges, a smiling face, shyly hiding behind the palm of their hands. Freshly cut grass that seems so distant. Summer at the park when the sun never sets. A sigh in between moments, knowing once again you are back to the past.

And forget all the
Bricks we've laid into this path
Yet the house remains undone
Flooding at every cloud
And withering in the sun
How's one meant to grow when walls keep caving in?

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