"The Idea Of Life Without Him Is Unimaginable."

Two things:

  1. I have changed my blog header to "What I Know About Now" As it refers to the fact that the only thing I am most assured about, is now.This blog will contain everything and anything regarding what is happening currently. With my head, my mood, my surrounding. Because honestly, all we know is only now. Before it evolves into past, and future is still remaining a secret. What I know about now is.. Something related with fast heart beat, butterflies and being... found. Yeah, go figure
  2. I just watched a movie called Something Borrowed; adapted from a book by Emily Griffin. Here is the link for the trailer, go on have a quick look. It cost tears more than it looks, I gotta say. And if I have to pick a lesson out of it, I would say: say it now before it gets complicated and a little too late.

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